Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, under its initiative Bodh, conducted a workshop on various lethal aspects of Drug Addiction at Ambedkar Institute of Technology in karkardooma. This session aimed at raising awareness among children about potential addictions through a play and demonstrations. They were informed about the pros and cons of clicking selfies. Children were counselled to keep a watch on their activity patterns to discern if they were stepping into the dangerous zone of addiction of any intoxicating substances.  This workshop addressed not only 200 students but also teachers of the institution who are now determined to spread the message of prevention to the upcoming batches further.

Bodh, DJJS was invited at an event organized at Ambedkar Institute of technology at Karkardooma, New Delhi

Addiction is a chronic condition characterized by compulsive behaviour, despite of its harmful consequences. The moment we hear the word “addiction”, we think of alcoholism, drug abuse, and smoking.  In India, there are 1 million heroin addicts and every 96 minutes a person dies from the negative effects of alcohol as suggested by National crime bureau records. Though these behaviours are the ones that are largely observed, addiction is not merely restricted to these. Addiction is considered to be guided by a powerful motivation to engage in rewarding behaviours.  Factors leading to such behaviours may be psychological, societal and environmental.  Besides alcoholism and substance abuse, today the youth of our nation is severely affected by computer, internet and selfie addiction. Social and health effects of any such problems can be considerably large leading to depression, anxiety, stress related disorders and low-self-esteem in youth. So, the selfies and puffs are not ‘so cool’!

Bodh, DJJS was invited at an event organized at Ambedkar Institute of technology at Karkardooma, New Delhi

Hence, it is crucial to sensitize the society against the adverse effects of addiction and the fact that excess of anything can lead to addiction. Mahatma Buddha also said “Everything which in your life you have in excess than you require is poison. It may be strength, wealth, hunger, greed, pride, laziness, desires, expectation, love, hate”.

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