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An illuminating four day festival on the theme ‘Mind-Body-Spirit’ was held at Hammersmith, London (United Kingdom) from 25th to 28th May, 2018. DJJS with Sadhvi Bhaktipriya Bharti Ji and Swami Kabir Ji participated as speakers in the festival. The preacher disciples through their discussion threw light on the Mind-Body-Spirit disconnection we as human race are facing in the present moment. Most of us spend our share of time indoors. Our sleeping patterns have changed. We go to sleep late in the night. We keep ourselves occupied with gadgets for more than required. We eat food that is processed and readymade rather that freshly cooked. As a result of all this we are leading a life in which we aren’t taking care of our own body, mind, and soul. Here, the argument could be made that many gyms and meditation centers have been opened for getting back the human race on the road to recovery. However, the stress levels are still record time high with violent episodes being the prime expressions of such a scenario.   

Brahm Gyan as the Only Solution: 'Mind-Body-Spirit' Festival at London, United Kingdom

Then, what is the solution which will make our body healthy, mind calm and soul rejuvenated? As mentioned before, an entire section of the society is channelizing its focus on improving physical health. But physical health nowadays is mostly equated with reorienting physical appearance which at best remains superficial and doesn’t solve the problem from the root. For an actual healthy body there has to be a sound mind and for that to happen a spirited soul is needed. One of the authentic ways in which this can be attained is through the ancient Indian spiritual technique called Brahm Gyan. Through this technique, an individual gets to witness the eternal light within; a light which is the essence of the nature of the universe. Individual actions become wise once the knowledge of being connected with the universal consciousness is gained. This ability to carry out wise actions makes us choose a life style best suited for a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. However, for this to occur we need an enlightened Master (Guru) who has practically witnessed the divine and is also capable of bringing us face to face with the unadulterated inner shine.  Everyone, hence, should begin his/her spiritual journey with the grace of a Guru, for only a awakened soul can help create a world appropriate for fit body and decent mind. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is one such true spiritual Guru and all are welcome to attain Brahm Gyan from him.

Brahm Gyan as the Only Solution: 'Mind-Body-Spirit' Festival at London, United Kingdom

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