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The vibrant stage set in the pious court of Satguru is the sphere of happiness, peace, bliss and divinity disseminated to disciples through enlightening sermons, devotional tunes, selfless service and message from Guru every month to steadfast everyone towards the prodigious mission of World Peace through inner revolution. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji teachings have shaped disciples into role models that the world looks up to. By bestowing them with vital remedy of Divine Knowledge, seekers are connected with the cosmic powerhouse through whom they draw sumptuous cosmic energy, thus are able to achieve perfection, at all dimensions. With such resonating words of wisdom, the monthly Bhandara program took place at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi on 3rd June 2018, soaking each one present there with the nectar of love and compassion, with hearts illuminated.

Clarion Call to Contribute to the Divine Mission Echoed at Monthly Spiritual Congregation in New Delhi

Numerous devotees and disciples of H H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji poured in from various towns to rekindle their spiritual journey. Devotees of all age groups look forward to this monthly gathering in order to re-engage themselves in divine thoughts and actions and remain focused on their spiritual goal. The program commenced with heart filled and humble prayers into the lotus feet of Revered Master, followed by series of spiritual discourse and soulful bhajans delivered by learned preachers.

Clarion Call to Contribute to the Divine Mission Echoed at Monthly Spiritual Congregation in New Delhi

Preachers shared their invaluable experiences and unfolded numerous spiritual secrets by dwelling into the historical acmes of discipleship. They explained how Guru never stops, never leaves us and is reading each and every thought even before it surfaces in our mind. When the disciple is engrossed in the thoughts of materialistic pleasures, the guru is thinking about the welfare of disciple. When the storm of lust rages in the mind of disciple; only Guru can envision the horrible end after the storm. When the disciple is passionate but lacks the sense, the Guru is however both enthusiastic and alert. Scenes of worldly happiness surfaces in front of disciple, but the Guru could clearly see sadness ingrained in the world for his disciple. When disciple wants to run away, Guru wants to be with him. When life becomes like the autumn, the Guru rains as the shower of monsoon. At the turn of the life, when evening begins to appear, the Guru manifests as the ray of dawn.

It is simply impossible to fathom the grace of Master with our restricted intellectual capability. As Swami Yogananda Paramhansa describes “Those who realize the divinity inherent in the Perfect Master via Divine Eye, they simply know that their mystical ways of working can only be relished and enjoyed, but never explained!”

The attendees found themselves gushing into the vivacious vibes leaving them with emotions of endless faith and devotion. Fortunate are those who are born in the era, which is witnessing one of the greatest saga unfolding, undertaken by the Perfect Master of time Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Further blessed are those who have received the golden opportunity of awakened with the rare science of Brahm Gyan.

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