No matter how complicated the subject might look, but ‘Spirituality’ is the utmost and the easiest way to simplify all things. Spirituality is the journey to first realize, then understand and then after merge into the ultimate truth.  The journey requires many valuable qualities like- purity, surrender, loyalty, sacrifice, meditation, practice, discipline, etc. But, the sincerity and humble prayer makes everything possible. Lost are those who don’t even come forward for this journey, and the ones who walk consistently, definitely reach the destination.

Devi Bhagwat Katha Opened Hearts of Devotees to Spiritual Journey at Vadodara, Gujarat

In order to encourage the congregation to take up the spiritual journey and to realize the highest truth in life, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) – a non- government, non-profit and a leading spiritual organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a program of Devi Bhagwat Katha, from 08th to 14th May 2016, at Vadodara.

The program was initiated with the holy prayer at the lotus feet of Devi Durga. A large number of congregators and their cheerful spirit for spirituality turned the ambience into a divine one. People soulfully got engaged in the devotional songs and bhajans that were sung. Heartfelt lyrics with supreme dedication attracted the audience.

Devi Bhagwat Katha Opened Hearts of Devotees to Spiritual Journey at Vadodara, Gujarat

The spiritual discourser of the program - Sadhvi Aditi Bharti Ji set the examples in front of audience on how a truth seeker of knowledge can make his life a great success. She cited examples on how today’s women can kindle their inner power and fight with the negativities of society. Women have to become a fighter, warrior and survivor but never a victim of today’s evil society. She even told how “Brahm Gyan”- the divine tool can help them in empowering their “Inner Shakti”.

The program served its purpose successfully and audience stepped forward to make their life a success story.

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