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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) is making sincere efforts to successfully challenge the dangerous downfall in the society by conducting spiritual initiatives and infuse constructive energy in the society. Such a divine ambience was created by DJJS through organizing a Devotional Concert- “Divya Kranti (Vyakti Se Vishaw Tak Parivartan Ki Lehar)” at SBS Nagar, Punjab on 5th May, 2018. This Devotional Concert filled with inspirational songs, bhajans, melodiously sung by the team of preachers, filled the hearts of audience unspeakable joy. The motivation and sense of realization was visible in the eyes of the spectators.

Devotional Concert - A Roadmap to 'Divya Kranti' at SBS Nagar, Punjab

The Spiritual Discourser of the event, Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, enlightened the audience with her words of wisdom. She explained that to bring a change in the world, the change needs to be triggered in its basic unit, i.e. human and for a change to be wholesome and non-relapsing, it has to sprout at the root level of  in the inner world of an individual (Soul). No intellectual knowledge or secular methodologies would be adequate in bringing a transformation in individual’s action and behavioral pattern. Human action is the result of human thought. Therefore, to control human action, human thoughts have to be tested.

A bundle of thoughts makes up human mind which can only be altered through the superior faculty of the Soul. For that, the soul must be awakened. As has been proclaimed in all our Scriptures in unison, this awakening is possible only through the Divine Knowledge - eternal science of Brahm Gyan. The time has come to find the Perfect Spiritual Master and whole-heartedly support his spiritual endeavors that are bound to bring peace and happiness to humankind. That should be the true purpose of one’s life. The meditation based on the inner practical experience leads to the changes inside the heart, body, mind and soul. Since its not limited to physical level, it brings changes at the soul level.

Devotional Concert - A Roadmap to 'Divya Kranti' at SBS Nagar, Punjab

By the end of the transcendent evening, the audience was fully engrossed and drenched by the words of optimism to enable them to make a new beginning.

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