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“Guru” is an honorific designation for a preceptor or a spiritual visionary. He is an embodiment of Eternal Bliss, a mine of infinite auspicious traits. Scripturally interpreted, ‘Satguru’ means ‘the divine illumination that dispels the darkness of ignorance’. He is a spiritual coach with saintly qualities, all pervasive and all knowing. Perhaps the dignified way of demystifying a divine coach is to see his ability to impart spiritual enlightenment. To enliven the divine curiosity of the spiritually shriveled souls, with the profound grace and blessings of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS organized a devotional concert ‘Divya Guru’ on 11th October, 2019 at Moga, Punjab. The spiritual preacher Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji ecstatically elucidated the qualities of a supreme master to the mammoth gathering of devotees. The devotional concert commenced with Vedic chanting and was embedded with enchanting discourse sessions and thought-provoking interpretations on the role of a Spiritual Guru. The soulful melodious divine music orchestrated by the disciple musicians left the spiritual audience mesmerized and greatly enriched.

Devotional Concert ‘Divya Guru’ Demystified the Intricacies of Guru Bhakti at Moga, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji proclaimed that a Perfect Master of the times is the protector to all. He not only protects our body and mind from physical and psychological ailments but guards our souls as well, not only in this world, but also in the other world, after death. If found, one should pledge total surrender and offer millions of salutations at the lotus feet of such a revered master. Sadhvi Ji blissfully illustrated that a divine master is a reservoir of deific attributes who acts not only as a spiritual life coach but also a divine doctor who seals fragmented hearts through the sacred tool of 'Eternal Name'. After attaining Self-realization, even the impure hearts get purified through the true love of Divinity experienced within. Without a True Guru, there is no liberation and no enlightenment. The ultimate happiness of liberation and enlightenment can be achieved through Guru-devotion only.   Sadhvi Ji concluded that a ‘Satguru’ is the most virtuous and most compassionate power in the universe and one should tread the path of righteousness and truth as shown by him. Likewise, the illimitable grace of the magnanimous master H.H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has shown the glorious path of ultimate consciousness to all the aspiring devotees. He has truly inspired and transformed the lives of millions of devotees with the supreme science of ‘Brahm Gyan’. The rightful technique of mediation is learned through the eternal science of self-realization. Meditation augments the performance by focusing on the positive energy within and around. As disciples of the Perfect Master, we should also reaffirm our oath to intensely follow the divine path since we are blessed, chosen and accepted by his spiritual realms and moulded into the happiest souls. Everyone present at the devotional event were moved by the insightful promulgations and were revitalized and enthused to be committed on the path of devotion and Guru-Bhakti.

Devotional Concert ‘Divya Guru’ Demystified the Intricacies of Guru Bhakti at Moga, Punjab

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