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The common perception among human race across the globe is to acquire as much material wealth and prosperity as possible. People are seldom yearning to acquire the spiritual wealth and freedom from the vicious cycle of birth and death. We human beings, the marvelous creation of the almighty are the supreme wonders of the cosmos, yet throughout generations and lives we remain unaware about our ultimate objective in life. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan has been the pioneer in organizing spiritual events and programs to reconnect the people with their scriptural as well as cultural roots. One of such mega events was Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, organized at Hyderabad, Telangana from 08th - 14th December 2019. With auspicious grace of H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the Bhagwat Katha commenced with Vedic mantras followed by Ganesh Vandana and prayers being offered at the lotus feet of Shri Krishna. The 7-day spiritual saga witnessed the presence of numerous devotees and dignitaries. The spiritual orator of the program Sadhvi Padmahasta Bharti Ji aesthetically narrated the divine sermons of Lord Krishna embedded in our Vedic scriptures in coordination with disciple-musicians orchestrating a series of soul-satiating bhajans. 

Divine Vibrations of Eternal Knowledge Echoed at Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Hyderabad

Sadhvi Ji zealously decoded the spiritual mysticism behind the postulates and prophecies propounded by Lord Krishna. As a preeminent preacher of our ancient meta-physical philosophy, Shri Krishna highlighted the relevance of Eternal Knowledge as the soul driving force of this universe.  Krishna is regarded as a quintessence of an ideal master who didn’t preach only theory to Arjuna but enlightened him with practical experience. He uncomplainingly attended, answered and advised Arjuna to help him come out of his mental and emotional dilemmas by preaching the theology of Eternal Knowledge through proper logic and reasoning. Lord reminded Arjuna to direct his unhealthy and stressful flow of thoughts towards the supreme source, God, ought to be known through devotion and self-realization.

Divine Vibrations of Eternal Knowledge Echoed at Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Hyderabad

Sadhvi Ji concluded that in order to attain a permanent union with the Lord Krishna, we should follow his remarkable foot prints and search for a spiritual perfectionist like him. A perfect visionary or a Satguru himself practices the laws of Eternal Knowledge and preaches the same to his disciples. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a perfect spiritual scientist of the contemporary era whose mission is integrating the world through the eternal science of self-realization. The blissful technique of Eternal knowledge is the genesis of self-transformation and awakens the supreme consciousness of the divine aspirant. Mindful Meditation elevates the psycho-immunity and inculcates positive vibrations and wisdom within an individual. It truly attributes to removal of all artificial layers of one’s personality and understanding of one’s true identity that is beyond delusion.

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