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To leave no stone unturned, DJJS Bengaluru took forward the Beat Plastic Pollution: Rebuild Campaign undertaken on the World Environment Day 2018 during July & August. The campaign intended to sensitize people regarding the growing plastic pollution on Earth caused by unnecessary and excessive use of plastics. Awareness generation workshops were organized at the Umiya Bhavan, RPC Layout, Vijaya Nagar; the Hasini Grand, Dwarka Nagar; Sri Chaitanya Techno School, MS Palya, Vidyaranyapura Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

DJJS Bengaluru continues to urge masses to Beat Plastic Pollution

Being a non-biodegradable substance, plastic just adds on to the heaps of waste, posing growing demand for bigger landfills and better treatment infrastructures. Plastic is not only a nuisance on land, but it is major threat to riverine and oceanic ecosystems. Heaps of plastic waste dumped in rivers and oceans cause death of several aquatic species. There is no technology so far, that can completely degrade the generated plastic waste. The biggest check on the growing plastic waste will be to check the use of plastic products in daily use.

With the idea of minimizing the use of plastics and ensuring its effective disposal DJJS Bengaluru organised awareness generation workshops to discuss the issue using various tools and methodologies.  During these programs, Sadhvi Ritu Bharti ji, an ascetic disciple of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, presented various striking facts about the history of plastics. In her presentation, she explained how harmful plastics are to the environment and suggested alternatives & creative ways to reduce plastic use, for e.g. using paper, steel, or wooden materials as a replacement. Another uniqueness of these workshops was that they focused on traditional Indian lifestyles to provide modern day solutions to the prevailing environmental issues, through presentations and interactive activities. 

DJJS Bengaluru continues to urge masses to Beat Plastic Pollution

DJJS Sanrakshan has been committed towards steering masses towards sustainable living. This year, it had aligned the Beat Plastic Pollution campaign with its national campaign "Rebuild" on the World Environment Day, to sensitize thousands of people about the alternatives to plastic and encourage them to have a lifestyle well-aligned with the nature.   The programs organized by the Bengaluru centre of DJJS in July & August on plastic pollution served as an extension to the Beat Plastic Pollution campaign. It plans to organize more such programs in the future and contribute towards a green and clean planet.

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