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To put across the superlative philosophy of Lord Shiva to the devotees, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a mesmerizing Devotional concert- ‘Shivoham’ at Tarn Taran, Punjab on 27th March 2022. DJJS representative and preacher disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder and Head of DJJS), Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji blissfully elucidated the essence of Lord Shiva’s teachings to the huge assembly of devotees and dignitaries attending the devotional concert.

DJJS Devotional Concert: Shivoham Decoded the Divine Tenets of Lord Shiva at Tarn Taran, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji explained that ‘Shivoham’ signifies our union and oneness with the absolute, transcendental Lord Shiva. Shiva is none other than the manifestation of all-powerful Supreme Lord who is limitless and all-pervasive. He exemplifies the higher virtues like- courage, detachment and self-control which every human should aspire to live. The river Ganges flowing out of Shiva’s head symbolizes the flow of True Knowledge or Brahm Gyan that purifies the soul.

DJJS Devotional Concert: Shivoham Decoded the Divine Tenets of Lord Shiva at Tarn Taran, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji emphasized that the name of the Lord is reverberating within us incessantly. One needs to become aware of it, but it is feasible only when a True Guru blesses the devotee with Brahm Gyan. Sadhvi Ji highlighted that the third eye, as witnessed on Lord Shiva's forehead, is present on every human being’s forehead too. It is the sacred eye which is basically the door to move into the inner realms of the spiritual world. It is said in our scriptures that when the pineal gland or third eye is awakened, it lets the spiritualist move towards the higher consciousness and brings a positive long-lasting transformation in one’s life. Brahm Gyan-based meditation enables one to move inward and explore the spiritual world in totality. It is this true meditative state that brings out inner peace and true happiness. That is why, a crescent moon is present on Shiva's locks of hair which signifies the mind at peace and rest. Meditation keeps our mind calm and cool like moon rays, and as a result we achieve inner peace, self-discipline and great achievements in life.

Sadhvi Ji concluded that one should follow the correct path of reaching to Lord Shiva with true devotion and dedication and look out for a munificent master, who can bestow him with metaphysical knowledge of Brahm Gyan

The guests and devotees applauded the devotional concert and appreciated the deep message that was given through the program.

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