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To address the problem of waste growing at every nook and corner of the city and encourage masses to keep their surroundings clean, the selfless nature conservators of DJJS Sanrakshan in Hoshiarpur undertook a cleanliness drive at District Tehsil Complex on September 11. The event saw presence of key people of the area, including Sh. Rupinder Pal Singh (S.D.M.), Sh. Harminder Singh (Tehsildar) and Sh. Lovedeep Singh (Naib Tehsildar).

Not only the growing heaps of garbage but the ever-changing type of garbage and its safe disposal are major concerns of the times. Ironically, those bearing the brunt of this garbage explosion are least concerned about managing and minimizing this havoc. Ignorant practices, wasteful lifestyles and use and throw attitudes are actually the underpinning causes of the problem in discussion. Bearing these aspects in mind, DJJS Sanrakshan cleanliness drives are designed not only to clean the areas of concern but to nurture an attitude towards understanding and living upto the responsibility towards environment as a whole. The said cleanliness drive aimed at furthering the same idea by engaging people in the program. Post event, all motivated the participants pledged to keep up the efforts towards environment cleanliness consistent throughout the year and in fact, for the upcoming years to derive best results.

The Hoshiarpur centre has been undertaking such drives under the banner of Sanrakshan for the past decade. Periodically, different areas of the cities are targeted for conducting the drive, wherein thousands of localites are sensitized about the issue. The mobilized people then work for the community and contribute their bit towards realizing a healthy environment.

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