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The early years of life provide the foundation for learning, health and behavior throughout life. Vacations from the school is the best time to engage children into activities with the help of which they could strengthen this foundation and connect to their inner self. 

DJJS Inducing Life Skills through Engaging Summer Camp at Jodhpur, Rajasthan

In order to inculcate this foundation in the young ones, DJJS organized five days Summer Camp for children from 3rd - 7th June, 2019 at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This exclusive camp served as a combo package, as it was not just entertaining but also info-attaining. It was a thoughtful attempt to disconnect kids from gadgets and internet and compel them to learn and adjust in a new environment amidst nature. 

DJJS Inducing Life Skills through Engaging Summer Camp at Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Children were encouraged by preachers who shared moral lessons dwelling on the good qualities of life like unity, integrity, teamwork, hard work, collaboration, etc. as well as the elements of a healthy mind and fit body like yoga, exercise etc. The activities were designed to encourage the kids to connect and tune in to their inner self.  Stating the importance of time management in life, Sadhvi Ji stated that since time is limited for everyone around, it must be used wisely. The kids were motivated to induce discipline in their lives which gives direction to the wandering mind. 

Sadhvi Ji further explained that the first purpose of life is to be able to tap into that consciousness so as to understand our role in the larger context of the universe more accurately. The process through which this can be attained is called Brahm Gyan. But for this to happen we need to take guidance from an enlightened seer (Guru). A seer who can open our inner eye and let us realize the purpose and meaning of human life. An individual who is connected to his inner self gains the wisdom to live one’s life without being a threat for others for one learns to value and respect not only one’s own life but that of others as well.  

The camp was thoroughly enjoyed by the children who nurtured themselves completely. The children learnt various valuable life skills such as leadership qualities, socializing with other kids and discipline which are as much important as academic knowledge. 

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