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DJJS Nurmahal celebrates a pollution free- pro- environmental divine Deepawali

As air quality index sets record breaking critical levels each year, pro- active action to normalize air quality become the need of the hour. Definitely special efforts to bring down the levels stand essential however, for long term solution to resolve the issue of air pollution in particular as well as overall environmental disruption issue, the need is complete lifestyle change from ignorant, wasteful living to a conscious & sustained pro- environmental lifestyle.

Bearing in mind the changing dynamics of current times, DJJS Nature Conservation Program- Sanrakshan has been consistently working towards reviving the human- nature relationship and steering masses on the path of pro- environmental living. An important step taken towards fulfilling the said aim is re-inventing and reviving the true spirit of Indian festivals. In reality, our vedic sages and seers who embellished the Indian culture with a series of festivals had pinned the celebrations around these festival with an innate pro- environmental vibe. However, in the post- modernization era, ignorance towards the intricate significance of the culture, have resulted in addition of certain mal- practices in the name of celebration. Deepawali- the grand Indian festival of Lights, has been witnessed to incur several mal- practices like bursting crackers, large scale electricity – eating lighting, in addition things like drug- abuse and gambling have also been conjoined with the sacred festival in the name of celebration.

DJJS Nurmahal celebrates a pollution free- pro- environmental divine Deepawali

Therefore, annually on the occasion of Deepawali DJJS makes a pro- environmental statement by celebrating a pollution- free green Deepawali across the DJJS network of branches in the country inspiring millions to celebrate a green and divine Deepawali. In the same row, DJJS Nurmahal Ashram lighted up 80,000 diyas(earthen lamps) completely phasing out use of electricity for lighting and rejuvenating the environment with the cleansing aroma of mustard oil, thereby celebrating green and clean Deepawali. . The celebrations commenced with the pious Indian fire ritual- yagna dedicated to cleansing and rejuvenation of the environment. Thousands of followers from across the country joined in this divine celebration stamping the idea of upholding environmental protection in all circumstances and aspects of life.

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