On the occasion of Deepawali, the traditional Indian festival of lights, DJJS undertakes its special annual Jaago Campaign to steer masses towards pro- prosperous Deepawali. Over the years , several problems scenarios have rose around the festival, annual incidence of drink and drive accidents, deteriorating air quality, drug abuse are to name a few.  

DJJS propagates the theme of celebrating PRO- PROSPEROUS DIWALI across the nation

Bearing in mind, this changing face of celebration, DJJS Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan and DJJS Drug Abuse Eradication Program Bodh, this year focused its annual Jaago campaign on creating awareness on making choices which can really make th festival of deepawali a pro- prosperous celebration. Through workshops, outdoor awareness counters and one- on- one interaction DJJS volunteers sensitized men, women and children regarding the agenda.

DJJS propagates the theme of celebrating PRO- PROSPEROUS DIWALI across the nation

Through various informational games, such as, Good Diwali vs. Bad Diwali, Paper Patakha, Like-Dislike, etc., the volunteers encouraged people to observe a pro-environmental, pro-health, pro-culture, pro-pocket, all of which contributes to a prosperous Diwali. Talking about the purchasing habits, an explanation was given on how our choices affect the planet, and what all we must consider while buying anything to ensure minimum or no wastage. The people were urged to use the alternatives, such as earthen diyas instead of artificial lights, newspapers instead of wrapping paper, eco-friendly colors for Rangoli, avoid any sort of intoxicated consumables, avoid driving if drunk, in order to mark their support for the cause. Some green options, for example, gifting/planting a sapling, using flowers and old material for decoration, and lighting earthen diyas that retain the feel of the festival, etc., were also discussed.

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