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Dheeyan Di Lohri has become a household phrase, dedicating the traditional festival to birth of girl child in the family. However, mere dedicating the festival to their birth doesn’t promise the change, until accompanied with self-awakening. DJJS Santulan under its annual campaign – ‘KANYA BACHAO’ from January 10 to January 26, 2023, continues to endeavour to evolve societal mindset by every possible means.

DJJS Santulan observes Dheeyan Di Lohri heralding celebration on birth of Girl Child

This 20-day Pan-India save girl child campaign aims to accentuate the happiness brought in by the birth of a child, gender notwithstanding. With discernable success in over a decade’s time resulting in thousands of beneficiaries, awareness programs are being organized in different cities with variety of sensitizing activities.

The campaign offers Haldi-Kumkum get-togethers, kite flying competitions, pot-luck sessions, Lohri bonfire, folk dances and many other interesting activities with a perspective to save girl child. The ideology and gender inclusive approach of Santulan, emphasizing on the joy and delight that a child brings in, demystifying age-old myths and misconceptions about having a girl child, all these together form an enlightening spiritual discourse which is delivered by disciple of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Not limiting to the positives of having a girl child, Sadhvi Ji also sheds light on what the society would be, if there are no girls left. Before the status of girls changes from endangering to extinct, it is the need of the hour to do our bit, at minimum, in order to realize the dream of equality that every girl envisions.

DJJS Santulan observes Dheeyan Di Lohri heralding celebration on birth of Girl Child

DJJS Santulan is urging masses to join the campaign, direct their efforts for the noble cause, and thus create value for girl child globally.

The trend of Girl Child Lohri is no more an obscure term, but is being followed by numerous institutions, even if there is slightest of hope to see some transformation in times to come.

Stay tuned to catch glimpse of joyous yet sensitizing Lohri celebration programs!

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