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Kapurthala, Punjab: Teej being primarily a women’s festival, brings the breeze of enthusiasm and fervour amongst women. Henna colored hands, dance, fun-frolic songs, food, music and swings are some ornaments that form part of the festivity. DJJS Santulan believes the festival to mean beyond these ornaments, by accentuating the pride of being a woman, and thus, celebrate womanhood. Beholding this approach, DJJS Santulan organizes in the month of Sawan, a mass-sensitizing campaign called ‘Take a ride, save the girl child’ with women in different cities. Under the umbrella of this campaign, a celebratory event was organized at DIPS Colony, Saundhi Enclave, Sultanpur Road, Sheikhupur, Kapurthala, Punjab on August 7, 2022.

DJJS Santulan observes Teej in Kapurthala, Punjab, tags it to be more than a festival of glitz

Being a festival dedicated to women, Teej celebration grabs the attention of women, and they participate with complete vivacity and zeal. This event at Kapurthala began with lamp lighting by Sadhvi disciples at DJJS Kapurthala along with Hon’ble Chief Guest - Smt. Kulwant Kaur, Mayor of Kapurthala and other guests of honor. It comprised of an awakening skit by volunteers, emphasising on the value of women in every sphere, followed by the joyous traditional dance form ‘Giddah’. Sadhvi Gurpreet Bharti (DJJS Kapurthala branch co-ordinator) delivered an enlightening discourse on the subordination of women, in spite of their accomplishments, growth and development across the world. She emphasized that the essence of progressive festival of Teej is togetherness amongst women, and women should embrace the womanhood with pride and pleasure to help each other step forward.

The event was attended by over 950 participants who, towards the end, pledged together to save girl child. Santulan-the Gender Equality Program of DJJS is striving to alleviate women from all shackles of powerlessness by empowering her at soul level. This contagious sense of empowerment will eventually eradicate the women related issues from grass-root level and establish a gender-inclusive approach.

DJJS Santulan observes Teej in Kapurthala, Punjab, tags it to be more than a festival of glitz

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