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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) – a non-government, non-profit and a leading spiritual organization, whose  Founder and Head is H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, proudly took part in Hindu Spiritual Service Fair (HSSF) which were organized in the month of February 2017 in Kerala, Assam and Haryana. DJJS took this opportunity to spread the prime goal of the mission: Brahm-Gyan. Many volunteers rendered their selfless service and helped visitors to understand the essence and real purpose of spirituality.

DJJS Spreads the Core of Spirituality through Hindu Spiritual Service Fair across India

Even after the advancement in technologies and Science, people in this world still struggle to fight with their own mind and thoughts, which often increased mood swings and persons lost complete control on their behavioral pattern. This shows that we have involved ourselves too much in the outer world that we have forgotten to ponder about our inner world and do introspection. DJJS paves that supreme way for the visitors assuring that there is no other asset than attaining mental peace in this world to attain the final goal of spirituality.

Many visitors were surprised to know that here in DJJS, disciples assured that divinity (God) could be practically experienced. Truly, spirituality shows us the way to go within and meet God rather than leaning by heart and recite the shlokas written in the scriptures. It is only after the practical experience of God through Brahm-Gyan, one can understand the essence of God’s revelations in the scriptures. Visitors, out of curiosity and sincere inquisitiveness, tendered many queries and the answers provided met with their approval and all their doubts were cleared. “Mahayogi ka Maharahasya” book was gifted to the Guest, Bunwari Lal Purohit, Governor of Assam State.

DJJS Spreads the Core of Spirituality through Hindu Spiritual Service Fair across India

In the counters display of the profound literature of the Sansthan, spiritual magazines and books such as Akhand Gyan, Mind- the Double-edged Sword, Search of Truth, Samadhi, Chaitanya, Divya Sandesh, Reformed Turn Reformers, Farewell to Drugs Forever, etc. were the main attractions for visitors. However, many of them were impressed by the book- Samadhi, which has become altogether a ned addition to the knowledge of today’s mankind which is unaware of different stages of Yoga and Dhyana. Since the day, our revered Gurudev entered Samadhi, it has become a popular and vigorously discussed matter for all. The important development is, people availed this opportunity to read and learn from the contents of the books related to Samadhi.

The DJJS, along with all volunteers, thanked HSSF for having provided to all of us such a wonderful opportunity which contributed a lot towards the benefits of the society. It’s the burning need of the time that preference should be given to the mental peace and the betterment of the world and such divine transformation is definitely possible through Brahm Gyan and relentless efforts of the Sansthan.

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