Under the Section 185 of M.V. Act, published by Ambala- Panchkula police Sahyog, Driving by a drunken person or driving under the influence of drug is punishable. Due to the prevailing myths and distorted ways of celebrations, having to necessarily consume and drink alcoholic beverages and intoxicating substances has been tightly gripped by every mind and such a devastating norm naturally achieves its acceptance as something quite normal. Therefore, in order to break the myth of such numerous falsely constructed normalcies and generate awareness for no drinking especially when one is behind the steering of a vehicle, an awareness drive was organized starting from galaxy mall which concluded at Agrasain Chowk at Ambala under the banner of Bodh the Drug Abuse Eradication Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan(DJJS) on the stewardship of its head and founder, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Drive against drunk drivers in Ambala, Haryana

During the rally, hundreds of the youth community of Ambala were sensitized and brought into their light various issues relating to the need of road safety as in how frequent accidents occur due to drinking and driving. Holding eye opening pla cards, demonstrating about motorbike accidents, car accidents and truck accidents, our selflessly dedicated volunteers have grasped the eyes of people on the way so as to bring into focus the prime reasons of accidents when one is drunk. Why and how alcohol consumption deadens one's faculty of judgement, vision and ability to react were some of the issues that were highlighted through the enactment of the play on the streets in about more than 4 foot fall area during the entire course of the rally.  

Drive against drunk drivers in Ambala, Haryana

Various people from the traffic police department and road security authorities were boosted and enspired to spread the message far and to the maximum reach. Asst. Commissioner of Police, Urban Ambala, Ms. Pankhudi Kumari and CMO Mr. Vinod Gupta   flagged off the rally and also congratulated and praised the gathered youngsters for contributing their time and efforts in order to generate awareness among the people of society.

The event was well received by the citizens of ambala. On the way, some of the handy precautionary steps like proper follow up of the zebra crossing line, always walking at the left and having to walk on the footpaths, respectfully obeying the traffic lights, the traffic rules and many more of such eminent regulations were also distributed to the masses.

Under the campaign ‘सफ़र’ or ‘suffer’ – a state of art campaign for checking the increasing no. of road accidents in the state of Haryana, awareness on drinking and driving, investigating upon the unbounded availability of alcohol along the highways, discouraging the display of fascinating promotional posters and hoardings of alcoholic beverages across the roads and getting the enforcement and checking securities up to the mark for users are the prime objectives.


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