While paving through the journey on the campaign of anti-tobacco month in various states throughout the nation, another effortful milestone of visible difference has been successfully added by conducting an alarming workshop which primarily dealt with multiple issues sprouting out of drug abuse both in lives of consumers and in the surroundings. This particular workshop was organised by the Vishnu Garden Center of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan founded/mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji under its Drug Abuse Eradication Program [Bodh] at Vishnu Garden, New Delhi.

Drug Free Youthfulness can change the Face of Earth: Another Workshop Organised at Vishnu Garden, New Delhi

The workshop was focused on the various aspects of addiction such as lack of concentration due to diversionary pressures, overutilization of social media and the addiction of internet.

With an aim oriented introduction of the vision of the organization, this interactive workshop was smoothened further with the detailed description of such suffocating pressures and perceptions being constantly created in the various platforms of socialization which factually seem to have been dragging the youth population into the world of drug addiction. How peer pressure further excites the psychology of a youthful mind which develops in him/her an intuitive inclination in entering into drug abuse was also intensively touched upon in the workshop.

Drug Free Youthfulness can change the Face of Earth: Another Workshop Organised at Vishnu Garden, New Delhi

The second half of the workshop dealt with the emerging pros and cons of social media addiction and the participants were also pleaded to use such platforms productively and wisely. The third segment of the workshop deeply dealt with drug abuse, addiction and its various kinds such as of the narcotics, vulgarity pertaining to social media and many more. A very connective skit was as well performed by the selfless volunteers of the organization which dynamically pertained to the various aspects of an addict and it instilled in the minds of the participants a ray of hope in helping transform the lives of such hardcore addicts too.

In the concluding section of the workshop, the participants were awakened to the realization of this fact relating to [Brahm Gyan] as this knowledge alone is the solution to all the miseries of this delusive world. As this knowledge teaches the entire mankind the balanced state of life where the body, the mind and the soul accord well in making a transformed personality which further urges every being in taking rightful decision carving out of one's own wisdom from within. An enlightening lecture was also delivered by Sadhvi Parma Bharti ji, devotee disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji who elaborately discoursed upon the vision of the organization, the importance of the knowledge of the self and how illustriously the project has been working in various parts of the country for the abolition of drug addiction for years now.

The participants well appreciated when they sat to meditate for sometime during the workshop which certainly relaxed their minds and beings, they expressed. At the end, all the participants unitedly determined to fight earnestly for the eradication of drug abuse completely from the world.

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