Youngsters usually are very excited about everything around them and this phrase “ I want to try everything once”  has become a common argument among them.  And, this is the very beginning of an addiction to drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol, specifically among school and college students. Perceiving this as a plight for the children, St. Vidhypati School situated in Ghaziabad invited Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan to conduct a workshop on the repercussions of drug addiction.

Drugs drag you to dungeons!

Divya Jyothi Jagriti Sansthan founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, under its initiative Bodh organized a ‘SAY NO’ workshop highlighting the devastating effects of drugs.  A skit, followed by lectures and various activities were performed to establish an understanding of drug abuse and importance of drug eradication among the children. This session was attended by 200 school children along with the teachers and all of them pledged to spread the message of drug eradication across their families and friends.

Drugs drag you to dungeons!

We all aware that dungeons are the cells where prisoners are held captive and that is where the drugs haul a human brain too . Drugs are chemicals that interfere with communication pathway of the brain and sends abnormal messages to the body.  Most drugs directly or indirectly target the reward system of the brain and excessive drug intake teaches the brain to repeat the behavior and one becomes a prisoner to its own brain. Most of the youth begins the drug use under peer influence or societal pressure and a study by National Institute of Drug Abuse suggests that adolescents involved more in risky rewarding behaviors in the presence of their friends.

Therefore, it is crucial that teenagers are made aware that though illegal drugs or alcohol lead to temporary pleasures, but it alters their feelings, thoughts and behavior for life. It is not just a trend, but a troubling trend.

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