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Modern world is mechanized not only in terms of gadgets and gizmos but the very life of a man has become robotic producing manifold life issues such as stress, negativity, low self-esteem and unsettled mind. Monthly spiritual congregations conducted by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan are a series of divine ideas aimed at revitalizing the psychological, intellectual and spiritual planes of the devotees thereby cultivating positive lifestyle changes. To enliven the divine journey of the spiritually withered souls, DJJS organized yet another Monthly Spiritual Congregation on Sunday 10th March, 2019 at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi. A mammoth devout assemblage of preachers, spiritual orators, volunteers and devotees from Delhi-NCR witnessed the spiritually incited event of the month.

Enigmatic Facets of Guru-Disciple Relationship Revealed at Monthly Spiritual Congregation, New Delhi

The Preacher disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji spoke on the theme of ‘Discipleship and Surrender’. The spiritual orator elucidated that once the inner divine link of a devotee is activated by the elegance of the revered master the disciple should firmly believe and act as an instrument of his Master and follow his instructions to the core. Just as a bamboo flute will only fabricate a beautiful melody if it has been completely hollow, one must empty oneself of the ego and the worldly vices in order to synchronize one’s energies with the Guru. The Master-disciple relationship is an everlasting union at soul and mind level. Absolute surrender by a disciple remodels the monkey mind to a monk’s mind.

A Series of devotional bhajans and thought-provoking renditions apprised the spiritual aspirants about the mystic powers of a supreme deity and his role in guiding a disciple through the maze of worldly delusions to the joyful path of supernal knowledge and wisdom. The preacher orator reiterated that the perseverance of a disciple is solidified by selfless-service and Meditation. True devotion transcends the inner self of the devotee to attain the state of tranquility and gives a direction and purpose to the whimsical mind. Our continual surrender at the lotus feet of a spiritual healer is fundamental to self-transformation.

Enigmatic Facets of Guru-Disciple Relationship Revealed at Monthly Spiritual Congregation, New Delhi

The Preacher disciple concluded that Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a spiritual visionary whose comprehension of the eternal world is infinite. He satiates the divine quest of the truth-seekers by deciphering the wavelength of a disciple’s spiritual enigma and encoding the same with the unfathomable and infinite knowledge of Brahm Gyan. Everyone present at the gathering was moved by the thought-stimulating divine pronouncements and vowed to strive hard in accomplishing the peace mission of DJJS.

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