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Bengaluru: Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan was invited to undertake a session on Gender Neutrality for the Creatiwox Internet LLP ( on Feb 15, 2019. The Logical Indian is an Indian digital media publication, based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The firm describes itself as an "alternate media and a mission-driven community which draws attention to news and stories that matter"

The ninety minutes session at the Digital Media Company was conducted under the banner of Santulan – the Gender Equality program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). Sadhvi Ritu Bharti Ji, the disciple of HH Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (founder & head, DJJS) moderated the workshop for a number of twenty-five employees of The Logical Indian.

Gender Sensitization Workshop held at The Logical Indian Office, Bengaluru

“Men and women are the basic units of the society and they should enjoy equality of status so as to pave way towards a state of balance in the overall society. In the workplace, the gender of a professional does not carry as much value as his or her ability to accomplish the task effectively. In the current times women have scaled up well in all spheres and have taken up numerous positions at work places too. Their qualities of empathy, compassion and subtleness make them contribute greatly as transformational leaders for the company’s growth and development” was the underlying philosophy highlighted by Sadhvi Ji, in the complete course of the workshop.

Gender Sensitization Workshop held at The Logical Indian Office, Bengaluru

Sadhvi ji also threw light on the cause of gender based discrimination that creates the subtle glass ceiling in the workplaces and said that all differences arise as individuals primarily dwell in the physical and mental levels. True equality will be attained when each unit of the society is made to realize its soul or the spiritual level. For, at the spiritual level one recognizes that every individual is a part of the same divine.

The aforesaid gender sensitization workshop that included various interactive sessions, activities and demonstrations left a mind-blowing impact on the participants.

Santulan works against all forms of discrimination and violence against women particularly sex selective abortions, pan-India. For bookings of corporate and institutional workshops, contact [email protected] Also, follow us on

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