Spiritual Discourse and Counselling program was organized by Antarkranti on the occasion of Gita Jayanti, on 1st November 2016 at District Jail Yamunanagar, Branch Jagadhari, Haryana.

Gita Verses Spark Rays of Divinity @ District Jail Yamunanagar

DJJS Preachers Swami Yogeshanand Ji, Sadhvi Chanda Bharti and Sadhvi Manjinder Bharti conducted the session for 628 inmates. The preachers enlightened them with the knowledge of Bhagwat Gita-The sacred text of Hindus. They were made to realize the importance of establishing a divine relationship with the almighty. 

Gita Verses Spark Rays of Divinity @ District Jail Yamunanagar

The inmates understood the path to reach their ultimate goal in life, which is to unite with Supreme and know oneself. This ignited a positive vibe in the ambience and the inmates seemed to be optimistic by the end of the session.

The event was marked by the presence of eminent guest -Vivek Sagwan (DSP, District Jail Yamunanagar); Rattan Singh (SP, District Jail Yamunanagar) and Dr. Sahlin. The program was a good success and laid the foundation of faith and hope.

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