Indian Festivals are famous for filling the lives of people with colors and lights. They are the epitome of brotherhood and integrity. While the whole nation was taking a dip in the Guru Puja celebration, the prisoners were also not left isolated. A complete devotional ambience was witnessed in District Jail Kurukshetra, District Jail Meerut and Central Jail Varanasi.

Guru Puja Mahotsava - A day soaked in devotion for Jail inmates

Antarkranti, an initiative of DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) conducted the Guru Puja event for the prisoners who were initiated with the Brahm Gyan. The prisoners were seen participating with full fervor, singing and clapping with the bhajans that were being played during the event. They were mesmerized and soaked in the nectar of devotion and bhakti.

Guru Puja Mahotsava - A day soaked in devotion for Jail inmates

Guru Puja, is a celebration of purest relation on earth, that is of a Guru and disciple. It is the day to pay homage to one’s spiritual mentor and is the most awaited festival in a disciple’s calendar. The transformed disciple prisoners paid their humble gratitude to their Spiritual Master His HolinessShri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’ by offering collective prayers at the lotus feet of the Master. The significance of a Perfect Master and the importance of this particular day were discussed. At the end the Prasad was distributed to all the attendees.

Even the prison authorities could not stop themselves in joining the celebration. The day brought the entire jail premises to taste the flavor of spirituality.

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