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Spirituality is not a one-time accomplishment but a life-style. It has to be practiced daily, every moment just the way we talk, walk and breathe to the extent it becomes our habit. On this challenging path, Sewa (selfless service) and Sadhna (meditation) help to revive our inner self. In order to tread on this path of devotion, the importance of Guru Aagya (expectation) is paramount. One who performs selfless service and surrender totally to the lord without any desire will certainly attain love of his Guru.

'Guruvar Ki Aashayein', A Divine Event Highlighting Significance of Gurus Expectations at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

DJJS organized a divine program for the devotee Disciples on 6th October, 2019 at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi under the title “Guruvar Ki Aashayein”, to emphasize the significance of expectations of Guru from his disciples. The spiritual event commenced with the prayers at the holy feet of the master followed by devotional songs that captivated everyone’s heart. 

'Guruvar Ki Aashayein', A Divine Event Highlighting Significance of Gurus Expectations at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

The preacher disciples of Shri Maharaj Ji explained that the bond of Guru with his disciples is complete at a subtle level and beyond any material ties. Since the Guru is a saviour, he can never punish his disciple for any fault. Everyone needs a mirror in order to see the blemishes that have become part of the personality. The guru serves as this mirror who wants to see each disciple to be a perfect image of self but ego of disciple tarnishes that image.

This image can gain its lost luster only by gaining spiritual consciousness. This consciousness arises when there is unconditional love for Guru. Only when a disciple surrenders himself in the holy feet of his Guru, he is able to love selflessly. Guru reciprocates with love beyond any boundaries. Sometimes, Guru dictates disciple to do something which doesn’t fall into comfort zone of disciple. That is the test for devotee; who has to abide by Guru Aagya unconditionally as Guru always directs for the benefit of disciple only. Sometimes a disciple is not able to fathom what’s beneficial for him/her so instead of raising any doubts, it is in the interest of disciples not to raise questions, use their logic and mind into his decisions. A disciple who practices the teachings of the Guru will rise above the inner shortcomings of lust, anger, pride and attachment.

Any possible opportunity of Sewa should be delightfully seized by a Sewak because only then he can successfully imbibe from Guru and make his stay in this world more meaningful. It is only His grace that can liberate a disciple from the inner chaos.  Meditation and Sewa are the divine pearls and the only source of energy for the mind and the soul, that can make our lives filled with true peace and tranquility.

The dance ballet performed by young selfless volunteers depicting the importance of “Daan (giving)” caught rapt attention of viewers. Even though the tradition of 'Giving’ through 'daan’ has been embedded in the Indian culture since ages, but it has all the more lost its meaning among the masses. Donation and contribution go hand-in-hand.  It is all about doing your bit for the society, irrespective of the scale. However, donating and giving with awareness and realization is the actual contribution one can make towards society.

The program thereby helped the disciples to understand the necessity of Guru Aagya in a Sadhak’s life so that they are able to fulfill the expectations of Gurudev by developing their spiritual self.

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