In today’s fast-forward lifestyles, though the world seems more connected and cohesive, we have lost the path to reach out to each other; rather we prefer virtual paths of Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr and many more to get connected. In a way, it is termed as progressive and development, but what about those who need love and care in real sense. Our elders, who may not seem so productive and dynamic yet they carry a strong string that binds generations together.  But, in today’s culture and trend of nuclear families, the elderly citizens have lost their value and space and therefore are kept into anonymous four-walled bricked buildings popularly known as old age homes. Though they get their basic needs fulfilled there, yet the feeling of 'abandonment' or ‘discarded’ remains in them.

Health services extended to Old Age Home by DJJS Bangalore & Intel

DJJS under its initiative ‘Aarogya’ dedicated to the concept of holistic health facilitated a connective bridge between the young generation and the generation of the elderly citizens by arranging a visit to an Old Age Home (RVM Home) in Bangalore on 18th December 2015, for the employees from Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd. and volunteers of DJJS Bangalore, so that these youngsters can get to know what the elderly go through when they are sent to such homes.

Health services extended to Old Age Home by DJJS Bangalore & Intel

RVM is a Home for the homeless in Bangalore. Most of its residents were found in a severely-diseased state and isolated by their families. They were not just physically wounded, but mentally traumatized as well by the disregardful gestures of the world around them. All the residents of the Home are poor and destitute. They have either been neglected or abandoned by their families. Most of them have suffered some kind of trauma – physical, mental or emotional. 

The day started with teaching the residents of RVM yoga and they were told the benefits of doing yoga on regular basis. Ms. Suman ji took a session on how to keep our body active and healthy. Physiotherapists Mr. Anil Bajpayee taught simple exercises and Asanas to the senior citizens of RVM old age home by in order to have the body supplied with proper amount of oxygen.  The inmates were motivated to practice yoga regularly. Along with various health facilities like dental checkups, diabetes examination, BP checkup, they are also sensitized about proper way and time of washing hands, harmful effects of germs and bacteria carried by unwashed hands, diseases caused due to careless personal hygiene etc.

Volunteers from Intel & DJJS played various games with the bedridden patients of the old age home along with singling songs, cracking light jokes and also taught art and craft piece to physically challenged patients. With great enthusiasm these inmates also participated in singing and dancing and one of the patients sang a beautiful bhajan and explained the meaning of the bhajan.  Later on, one to one interactions were made and necessary things like blankets, sweaters, slippers, wheelchairs etc. were also distributed to them as a token of love and care.

  “She felt very nice when volunteers came and spoke to her she felt that she is not alone and there are people those who care for them as well." said one of the residents of RVM. She also thanked all volunteers and said it was her most memorable day in life. The coordinator of RVM Home said usually all the patients are very low and show less interest to participate in such activities but they were exceptionally active for whole day and it was surprising even for her to see their participation throughout the day.    

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