In what can be termed as a major accomplishment of institutionalizing Yoga as a medium of wellness by declaring 21st June as International Day of Yoga, Yog is reaching prisons transcending all boundaries.

Heralding a new beginning with “Aarambh”

The 3rd edition of International Day of Yoga was celebrated with full fervour & zeal beyond the boundaries of Central Prisons Tihar too...

Antarkranti organized a vibrant and lively event, “Aarambh: Starting the journey of consiousness” in the prison premises of Central Jail No.5 on 21st June,2017 to commemorate the 3rd Intenational Day of Yoga. The program was graced by the august presence of Shri S.S Yadav Ji, Director General Prisons, Tihar, Swami Vishalanand Ji, Sadhvi Jaya Bharti, Swami Abhedanand Ji, Swami Ashwini Ji (Preachers,DJJS) and other staff members. The event commenced with the welcoming speech by Superintendent Central Prisons No. 5 followed by keynote address by DJJS preacher Sadhvi Jaya Bharti . What followed next was an exuberant display of overwhelming yoga based performances by beaming inmates, a clear indication of the success of Yoga drive across the globe.

Heralding a new beginning with “Aarambh”

But as the saying goes,’Rome was not built in a day’, so were these presentations.

Antarkranti has been making incessant efforts towards bringing Yoga to prisons and in the same vein conducted a 15 days “Vilakshan Yog Shivir”, starting  from 5thJune   2017 in the prison premises of Central Jail No.5. Swami Ashwini (preacher DJJS) along with other Yoga instructors trained 270 young inmates into Yogasans and Pranayams , out of which 40 were also trained into dance by choreographers Apoorv Aggarwal and Shashi Ranjan. The inmates developed proficiency in performing various yogasans & pranayams and all the participating inmates of Vilakshan Yog Shivir were provided with Yoga kits and certificates asserting the credentials of their newly developed skills.

Days of meticulously planned & diligient Yoga and dance training culminated into superb performances by the inmates at ‘’Arambh’.

40 inmates staged a splendid Yoga inspired dance performance thereby enthralling the audience . Next up was a dazzling demonstration of various Yoga asans by 230 inmates under the guidance of Swami Ashwini Ji. The ease and grace with which these young inmates demonstrated many highly difficult yoga postures too, left the audience spell bound.

The inmates also put forth a picturesque flash mob displaying yoga asanas to the beats of melodious trance music.

 What made the performances put forth by the young inmates all the more impactful as well as aesthetically pleasing was the high degree of coordination among the performers & soothing music.

The program was wrapped up with the distribution of merit certificates to the participating prisoners by Shri S.S Yadav Ji.

Aarambh stands as conclusion of the initiatives undertaken on the occassion of Yoga Day but has also set the stage for commencement of a new beginning for the majorly young inmates ( in the age group of 18-21 years) of Central Jail No. 5. 

Antarkranti would soon be rolling out a string of positive engagement activities in this prison that also includes an ambitious cricket project . The inmates even put forth a successful flash mob displaying yoga asanas with melodious trance music.Yoga and dance training classes would also be continued along with regular spiritiual empowerment activities & counseling.

With these activities , Antarkranti aspires to equip these young inmates with skills that would enable their return to society as responsible and contributing citizens.

Aarambh has surely created a milestone in the field of Prison reforms.

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