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On the auspicious day of International Yoga Day as every Indian rejoices the universal recognition that the ancient Indian science of Yog has achieved, the inmates of Central Jail, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan mirthfully observed the day during a Spiritual Discourse Session on 21st June 2019.

A gathering of 166 male and 14 female inmates joined Antarkranti in order to reap maximal benefits from wordly sermons by DJJS Preachers Swami Vigyananand Ji. 

Stress is an undesired accomplice of modern life that we all need to conquer else it piles up and overtakes us. Abiding to this fact, Swami highlighted how the Youth in the chase of materialistic success and comforts is seeking peace and satisfaction in the heinous laps of drug abuse which further traps them in vicious circle of sufferings. He informed the audience that the ultimate peace and tranquility can only be experienced and achieved by being enlightened by the grace of a True Master through the eternal science of self realisation, through Brahm Gyan.

The audience swayed to patriotism filled bhajans performed by Sadhvi Sonia Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Vishnuarchna Bharti Ji. Furthermore, the benefits to audience from the event mutifolded as Swami Ji practically taught yogic kriyas, aasanas and pranayam along with enumerating the significance of these aasanas and pranayam in attainment of perfect equilibrium between mind, body and soul.

The event concluded with the audience and Jail Superintendent Mr. Ashok Kumar Verma Ji expressing their heartfelt gratitude towards Antarkranti for the strategically conducted event which effectively heightened the sense of serenity amongst the audience.

IYD celebrated in Central Jail, Sri Ganganagar with one day spiritual discourse session

IYD celebrated in Central Jail, Sri Ganganagar with one day spiritual discourse session

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