O my souls!
Put on your wings and fly high
Don’t lose hope when the world sighs
Get up and rise, coz you’re mine
And, that’s where your destiny lies!!!

'JAGRATI' – A devotional concert at Khazana Resort, Batala (Punjab)  Kindle the spark of knowledge within

‘Jagrati’ is a word to define a true devotee who has awakened after realizing the truth behind this life and dedicated the rest of his life for the global mission set by the revered Guru of the time. For the soul not awakened, it is impossible to realize the real purpose of life and that captures a person under the web of all negativities, ambiguities which led to various confusion regarding this life and destiny. Such negativities can easily be turned into everlasting positives through the divine spark of true knowledge bestowed by Perfect Spiritual Master, which brings new light of hope, happiness and prosperity.

One such Devotional Concert was organized on September 27, 2015 at Khazana Resort, Batala. It unfolded the inner awakening experience for the audience through the divine series of bhajans filled with meaningful lyrics and boundless devotion for the supreme. The chief guests of this special evening were Ashwani Sekri-MLA, Jagdish Raj Sahni -Ex MLA Batala, Shri J N Sharma -Sangtarash Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Punjab.

'JAGRATI' – A devotional concert at Khazana Resort, Batala (Punjab)  Kindle the spark of knowledge within

The spiritual orator of the day, Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji enlightened the audience on various sensitive issues of the society. The time ‘NOW’ is the burning need of ‘Awakened souls’ which can shape this world into one family and bind it with oneness, kindness, divinity and everlasting happiness.

The audience realized the supreme purpose of life as a golden chance to make it a great success for the world.

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