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Proper planning and management of every institution are essential for its success, development and progress. In the absence of planning, even an institution set up with the best objectives cannot succeed in its goal.

The session 2020-21 has been a very difficult year for all of us indeed. Moving from physical books to online presentations, from normal to the new normal, has been a challenging journey for Manthan SVK. But the determination of teachers and volunteers and efforts of children have turned the adversity into an opportunity. Considering the current scenario, Manthan SVK organized a meeting on Saturday, 10 April 2021, with the aim to discuss the roadmap for more robust and smooth management of the Virtual Classroom Programme.

In the meeting, Preachers and Volunteers of DJJS discussed how to virtually spread education to every nook and corner of the country in the near future. Manthan SVK envisions a system where all the students of any Manthan centre would be able to attend classes on the same virtual platform. The major points discussed in the meeting were:

  1. Providing special technical training to teacher volunteers
  2. Creating a dynamic and effective system of online classes and examinations
  3. Spreading awareness about virtual activities and other useful softwares
  4. Revising the syllabus for the students to ensure that the extra-curricular activities are also a part of day-to-day teaching
  5. Ensuring the best possible virtual-classroom environment to all Manthanites

Syahi - the Adult Literacy Programme (ALC) - is another initiative of Manthan SVK wherein women above 21 years of age are taught core subjects such as Hindi, basic mathematics, finance, health & literacy skills. Manthan SVK has decided to make some necessary and significant changes to the initiative, such as familiarizing women with common usage of digital technology and software, so that they can also take advantage of online facilities, become independent and contribute to their children's online education.

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