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Maa Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. Maa Durga reigns as the Mother Goddess, amongst the Goddesses, worshipped by Hindus. Mother not only gives birth to the child but also nourishes, energises and become the most effective teacher of her child in order to show her child the supreme path. Without Maa Shakti, even Lord Shiva is a lifeless body (Shav).

Mata Ki Chowki Envisioned the Divine Era in Punjab

DJJS organised an event of Mata Ki Chowki on 5th Jan and 6th Jan, 2019 at Sanaur and Patiala, Punjab. Sadhvi Manglawati Bharti Ji- a highly devoted disciple of revered Gurudev was the spiritual discourser of the event. She successfully created a mental picture of new Divine Age in front of the audience.

Mata Ki Chowki Envisioned the Divine Era in Punjab

The event commenced with the holy prayer at the lotus feet of Goddess. The series of devotional bhajans and inspirational songs motivated people to carry a higher goal in life and work on it with the help of Divine-Knowledge. The music seemed to be perfectly in sync with the eternal divine rhythms which elevated audience's thoughts and directed them towards the higher supreme goal in life.

Sadhvi Ji shared that the blessings of Maa Shakti are needed to negotiate the rough course of life. There is no caste or creed discrimination at Maa’s court. According to Vedas, Maa Durga has nine dimensions as Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Sidhhidatri. Sadhvi discussed on their role and life giving messages to the mankind. She also shed light on how today Karm- kands (man-made rituals/ customs) has misleaded mankind without making them understand the purpose of it.

Sadhvi Ji shared the supreme vision of a Divine Era as a supreme solution for all problems today in front of all by creating awareness for knowing thy-self. She explained how we all can contribute in establishing heaven on the planet. With the continuous meditation based on the Divine Knowledge, anything is possible. With orators’ words and inspirations, audience was overwhelmed by pledging to work towards a new divine age and presented their heartfelt gratitude to the organisers.

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