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“Everything can be sacrificed for truth but truth cannot be sacrificed for Anything.”  Swami Vivekananda

Monthly Congregation Replenished the Hearts of Devotees with Divine Love of Satguru and Lifted their Spirits on the Path of Bhakti and Sewa

The truth is beyond time, is one, and remains unchangeable. Humanity calls it by different names, God, Creator, Advaita etc.  Whenever a devotee seeks to attain this truth/ oneness, a Perfect Spiritual Master bestows him with the Divine Knowledge. One of the great disciples in history, proclaimed in our scriptures is Bhakta Prahlad. In the face of all adversities, Prahlad was ready to sacrifice himself for the love of truth (God). Despite possessing a boon of not being burnt by fire, Holika couldn’t derail Prahlad’s pursuit of oneness with God. Such is the power of devotion, that even nature changes its form to shelter the true devotee; thereby ensuring victory.

The Creator has painted this world with varied colours. However, at the core lies the same divine light that binds the creation and the Creator. So does this festival of colours, which brings everyone together removing the shackles of differences between human beings. On the eve of this this Holi, devotees were tuned into the true essence and purpose of the great festival by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) during the monthly congregation that was held at Nurmahal, Punjab on 12th March 2017.  Numerous devotees and disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji poured in from various towns to rekindle the path of their spiritual journey.  DJJS is the reservoir of awakened souls working selflessly towards spreading peace and humanity around the world through the vedic spiritual science of bhakti and with the grace of His Holiness.

Monthly Congregation Replenished the Hearts of Devotees with Divine Love of Satguru and Lifted their Spirits on the Path of Bhakti and Sewa

The programme began with the chant of hymns from Vedas, which electrified the atmosphere. The monthly assemblies like these fill the hearts of devotees with determination, energy and purified their emotions for the causes dear to the heart of the Master. The learned Preachers dispersed the seeds of wisdom by way of discourses and series of devotional bhajans. The most beautiful and purest relationship on this Earth is that of “Guru and Sishya” (The Perfect Master and the disciple). They explained, that the devotees who tread this path remaining under the incessant guidance of their Guru, can become the embodiments of true spiritual beings. Guru never stops and his grace transforms even a demon into a saint. Preachers elaborately explained that the path of bhakti and the goal of liberation can be attained on the chariot with four wheels of Sadhna, Sewa, Satsang and Sumiran. These are the cords that bind the Master and the disciple. In the absence of any of the four wheels, the chariot fails to move ahead.

The program filled the atmosphere with beatific vibes and energized souls and their mind was filled with high thoughts and highest ideals that can work selflessly as a member of DJJS family headed by His Holiness, towards one mission of uniting the world through self-awakening. The prodigious nature of these congregations is unparalleled in the world that helps to bring about large scale transformations.

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