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How would a Body be without a Soul?

Monthly Spiritual Congregation, an Awakening Call for Disciples in Nurmahal Ashram Jalandhar, Punjab

How would a Garden look without a Gardener?

How would a flower be without fragrance?

Monthly Spiritual Congregation, an Awakening Call for Disciples in Nurmahal Ashram Jalandhar, Punjab

How can one master any subject without a teacher?

How would Mahabharata sound without Lord Krishna?

In short, life is incomplete and miserable when the very core of it is missing.

Just like a gardener nurtures and cares for every single plant in a garden, the Divine Lord manifests as a Spiritual Master to guide us all to holy salvation.

DJJS organized a Monthly Spiritual Congregation on Sunday 10th March, 2019 in Nurmahal, Jalandhar (Punjab). The event made the audiences realize the supreme goal of our life and the significance of a perfect spiritual master in one’s life.

The event commenced with prayers at the lotus feet of our revered Gurudev, Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, followed by a series of mesmerizing and soulful bhajans. A Guru sows the seed of Divine Knowledge in one’s soul and accepts all his disciples with all their flaws and guides them through this spiritual journey that ultimately leads to salvation. On this journey one goes through a lot of challenges, but these challenges help one become stronger and a better human being. The guru tests his disciples for their faith, their submission and purity of their hearts and mind.

As Swami Vivekananda says, “There is no other Spiritual Teacher than your Own Soul”. It’s imperative to be in constant communication and connection with the soul and a perfect spiritual master guides us how to achieve this. 

Preachers shared their invaluable divine experiences on how our Guru is guiding each one of us even in these troubled times, which is the core reason that DJJS is standing strong and functioning even more actively across the world. 

The event made disciples realize the utmost values of their life and their duties and responsibilities as a spiritual seeker. The Satsang encouraged everyone to meditate even more regularly, because that’s how one can build on one’s inner strength and keep going, keep moving despite challenges, failures of setbacks.

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