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As a rusty machine needs oiling regularly an arid heart too needs to be replenished with spiritual nectars of Satsang. Monthly Congregation at Dabwali Malko Ki (DMK), Punjab held on March 3rd, 2019 embraced the parched souls replenishing them with newfound zeal. This event, although held every month, brings new sparks of joy to all those attend. As the seekers are eager to receive the blessings, so is the Guru to impart the soothing grace.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab Sparks Joy Deepening Faith and Devotion

It is here where all disciples are reminded of the task Guru has adopted, the task to rectify all impurities of the world. His vision is grand, message is farsighted, and mission bound to bring a real revolution, transforming the entire era. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji heading this movement of inner uprising is altering innumerable lives that were headed towards self-destruction. The tradition within the organization to have regular spiritual congregations continues to embrace all attendees, sparking bundles of bliss.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab Sparks Joy Deepening Faith and Devotion

As the discourse uplifts a person spiritually, one sees the results in not only the spiritual life, but also the personal, as well as the professional aspects of life. Disciples are reminded of beautifying the present as these are very essential times. The disciples recall the goal their master has laid upon them to achieve during these times, while continuously working on themselves. They are shown the complete vision that lays in front of them to achieve. Their present is set right in order to have a epoch setting future, therefore complementing their past. During the sermon the devotees learned that past is history, future is mystery, however the present is a gift, a golden chance. As the disciples of a true Guru continuously endure their transformation, their future becomes promisingly vivid, as the present is untainted, therefore affirming their history into a golden one.

Living their daily lives, the human mind tends to regress towards the lower levels of consciousness however the monthly events are bound to elevate that height. Through the assembly, disciple is reminded that Guru is there, always by his side, enabling him to realize the love He continuously showers. Living under His shelter disciples sort out complexes in their lives enabling a smooth life, full of pours of divine love.

Heart-touching soulful music brought tears of love and joy in through eyes that seek Guru’s glimpse. Disciples cry with the spurs of music that trigger deep emotions held for their Guru. All disciples gain tremendously from the regularly held event deepening their faith in the works of their eternal spiritual guide.

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