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Clarity of thoughts, Control of Emotions and empathy are virtues for a complete and truthful life. These are some words of wisdom by revered Gurudev H H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. It is important for a disciple to encounter such words from time to time to replenish his devotion in his Lord’s feet. To fulfill this purpose, monthly spiritual congregations are organized in various places. Such a congregation was organized in Jaipur, Rajasthan on 13th May, 2018.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation in Jaipur, Rajasthan Evokes the Feeling of Devotion in the Disciples

The beginning of the event was marked by chanting of ved mantras by learned disciples which created an ambience of divinity. This was followed by prayers in lotus feet of our Gurudev. The program started with devotional bhajans by trained disciple musicians. The music created an aura of devotion and grabbed the attention of the audience to its fullest. After the attention was focused, the preaching sessions began. Sadhvi Ji talked about the way a guru can do anything for his disciple and in return he only wants the disciple’s utmost devotion. Guru only wants his disciple to believe him blindly and trust him like no other. She stated that “A master knows what his disciples want even before we ask for it”. Guru will never fulfill any wish which he thinks is bad for his disciple. He treats us just like a kid. So, we need to surrender in his feet for him to do what he thinks is good for us. She stressed upon the importance of guru bhakti. The preaching sprung up emotions in the devotee’s hearts remembering their Gurudev.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation in Jaipur, Rajasthan Evokes the Feeling of Devotion in the Disciples

The attendees testified the importance of such preaching on a regular basis in their lives. Such events reiterate the value of regular Satsang and guru bhakti in their life. The event witnessed a presence of large number of devotees. Bhandara was organized as prasadam for the disciples at the end of the event. Outside the arena, multiple exhibitions were organized representing the various social initiatives taken up by the organization. The devotees left the premises with the feeling of devotion in their hearts and eagerly waiting for next such event.

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