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To rejuvenate the disciples of Perfect Master with the divine nectar, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan once again under the supreme guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized monthly spiritual congregation at the divine land of Nurmahal, Punjab on 11th September, 2022. The program commenced with soul elevating bhajans and discourse creating beatific vibes in and around the venue. Prayers emanated from the hearts of hundreds of devotees for the welfare and peace of all in the world and for their Master’s divine mission, switching on the blissful energy meter.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Rejuvenated the Spirit of Surrender & Service for Divine Mission amongst Devotees at Nurmahal, Punjab

The highlight of the event was the divine message shedding light on the importance of sewa. Preachers explained that the seekers of truth can easily traverse on the path of Truth by embracing sewa. The disciples will either turn out to be worshippers of the creation or become a true devotee of creator. The Samadhi time of Divine Guru is the opportunity bestowed upon disciples to work upon themselves to purify the minds from the vices and become eligible to achieve the ultimate state of bliss through unconditional sewa at the lotus feet of Guru.

Practically it is not possible for the spiritualist to completely abandon their worldly endeavours or duties, neither has it ever been recommended by Divya Guru. The only way to accomplish the supreme goal of our life is by giving priority to the commandments of Guru i.e., meditation, selfless service and staying connected with the eternal name of Almighty. Be it Saint Kabir or Hanuman Ji or any other historical devotees whose name is enshrined in history, they remained immersed in constant divine state and accomplished their seemingly impossible tasks by remembrance and selfless sewa.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Rejuvenated the Spirit of Surrender & Service for Divine Mission amongst Devotees at Nurmahal, Punjab

Preachers further explained that the path of truth is not the path for faint hearted or distracted ones, it demands an extraordinary sacrifice and immolation into the supreme fire, awakened at the time of initiation into supreme knowledge by Divine Master through the opening of third eye. Now it’s our turn to merge with that divine light which is constantly illuminating within us to be self-ready to serve in the mighty mission of World Peace.

Thousands of devotees arrived from different places to attend the program. The enriching and ecstatic effect of the congregation drenched the devotees with the love of their Master The grace of Guru showers upon each disciple equally but only those who have undeterred perseverance even in the face of despair, shine effulgently and create histories.

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