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Devotees of all ages gather once again with their parched hearts to gain from the gracious rains showered by Satguru. The Monthly Spiritual Congregation held in Kotkapura, Punjab on March 31, 2019 simply served as a dose of spirituality that replenished all those were seeking. His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has been imparting the devotional sermons and concerts with one goal set in mind – spiritual progress. His sole aim is to transform the malicious minds towards the benevolence of society. He works continuously with this aim throughout the organization where numerous devotees devote their time and service for this very purpose.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Strived to Transform Everyone from Within at Kotkapura, Punjab

The higher goal of the organization is to establish world peace simply by transforming individuals, then families, then societies, and eventually all nations. With the guidance and light provided by His Holiness, the organization is working tirelessly serving all sects of the society. Month after month, such an event continues to rejuvenate the aridity caused by the worldly affects. Devotees present at the event can confirm that they feel replenished and ready to perform their worldly duties, social responsibilities, along with spiritual deeds after they attend the discourse.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Strived to Transform Everyone from Within at Kotkapura, Punjab

All attendees also find inspiration with the soul-touching musical compositions performed by the team of musicians. Following the Guru-Shishya Parampara, the disciples in this day and age are once again seen absorbing the teachings delivered by the true master.  In the discourse, the devotees are reminded of their duty towards Guru as well. They recalled the promises they had made when they first took shelter of the Satguru. The ideal devotees value their relationship with their guru the most therefore strive to please their Guru at all times. Disciples of His Holiness also understand that there has never been a more lenient Guru in the history before however His Holiness is very easy to please.

He gets pleased with very little effort of ours. Due to this very reason, the disciples have a golden chance to achieve even the biggest goals His Holiness has set for them. He has given all, one primary task of transforming themselves. He states that only a transformed individual is able to bring change to the rest of the country and therefore the world. We must all understand that our world today needs us as the peaceful warriors that will eliminate all sources of distress being brought to the mother earth.

Through the discourse and the music, all are reminded that only the spiritual beings have the capacity to bear the nation’s weight in order to make it into Jagat-guru (guru of the world) once again. These doses of spirituality serve as the remedy benefiting numerous minds aligning them to their set goals for themselves as well as for the society. Overall, they are able to train their minds to establish a protocol of regular meditation and selfless service.

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