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We begin our spiritual journey with a lot of enthusiasm. However, more often than not, we lose our zeal to achieve the spiritual summit mid-way. In such situations, we need support and our Guru is the only person who can lend that support. But, like an upside-down bowl cannot be filled with water, we too cannot receive Guru’s grace if lose touch with him. This is the reason why we must keep the Guru-disciple relationship strong from our side. To strengthen this relationship, DJJS holds the monthly spiritual congregation. One such congregation was organized by DJJS at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab on

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Underlined Gratitude as Essential Tool on the Path of Spirituality at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab

6th October 2019. A huge number of disciples attended the event and gained wisdom to enhance their will to connect with the Master at a much deeper level of spirituality.     

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Underlined Gratitude as Essential Tool on the Path of Spirituality at Dabwali Malko Ki, Punjab

 DJJS representative, the orator of the event, beautifully explained the means to nourish spiritual link with the Master. The sense of gratitude is an important tool for growing in the inner world. Gratitude has to be expressed not only for this precious life, but also for every moment being a golden opportunity to attain the heights of cosmic connection. Our every action, be it in thoughts, speech, or deeds should be a prayer thanking the universal energy and our Guru for having given us the chance to see that divine within.

Once gratitude bestowed by the Guru begins to flow unhindered within us, our hearts will be filled with gratitude too. This grace of Guru will flow within us only when we are connected to him with the tool of ‘Brahm Gyan’ (divine knowledge). Then only, we will not see everyday situations as a source of unhappiness but a door to spiritual evolution. Simultaneously, adhering to the commands of the Guru will become a joyful experience even for our logic seeking minds.

 Therefore, with gratitude, the spiritual path will come across as a peace-inducing one. We will readily understand the symphony of the universal life force; becoming appreciative of every being and everything in the process.  We will also be able to accomplish the task that our Guru has taken up, i.e., to make the world a peaceful place for one and all. Our serene actions will reverberate and thereby urge others to lead a tranquil life. In this way, we all will contribute wholeheartedly in the making of a happy world and succeed as well. Thus, towards the end of the event, the orator urged the audience to consciously cultivate gratitude and reach the spiritual goal ahead of time.

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