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“Krinvanto vishvam aryam” is the famous verse of Rig Veda that represents the ideal message of Vedic Seers to make the whole world noble. India is blessed with the spiritual treasure which has the potential to transform the entire world. Ramcharitmanas is one of the precious pearls of the Indian spiritual treasure that provides precise solutions to the burning problems of the world.  The poetic scripture not only epitomizes how to lead a balanced life but also teaches the art of developing a peaceful demeanor even in the most distressful time. To bring the significance of this divine text to the attention of people of Australia, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) under the guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organized the narration of Shri Ramcharitmanas in Adelaide, Australia.

Narration of Ramcharitmanas Ignites the Divine Spark Enabling Inner Transformation in Adelaide, Australia

The three days’ soul stirring program from 12th April, 2019 to 14th April, 2019 at IAASA Hall, 6 Blamey Avenue Broadview, SA 5083 witnessed the presence of the Guest of Honor Mr. M.C. Surender Chahal (West Torrens City Council). Distinguished guests present were Mr. Gagan Sharma (Politician, Member of IAASA -Indian Australian Association of South Australia), Mr. Nirdosh Joshi (owner of poultry farm), Mr. Rajendra Pandey (Coordinator of Vishwa Hindu Parishad), Mr. Johar Garg (coordinator of Jai Durja Sankirtan Mandal), Ms. Ashima Gumber (founder of Niswarth Sewa Samiti), Ms. Rachana Sharma and Mr. Charandass Sharma (coordinators of Niswarth Sewa Samiti), Ms. Dhayavati Pandey (Sanskrit teacher and member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad), Mr. Vijay Arora (member of Ram Sharnam Sansthan) and Mr. Arjun Tokhi (Managing Director at Tokhi Driving Solutions Pty.Ltd).

Narration of Ramcharitmanas Ignites the Divine Spark Enabling Inner Transformation in Adelaide, Australia

The program extended warm welcome to all devotees and commenced with holy prayer at the lotus feet of Lord Ram. Vedic chanting purified the ambience and engaged everyone in the divinity of Lord Ram. Orator of the event Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, beautifully revealed the mysteries of spirituality through the narrations of Ramcharitmanas to the people of Adelaide. Sadhvi Ji elucidated the divine essence of the great epic with an emphasis on its technical and scientific aspects. She said that Lord Ram was an ideal personality and a paragon to be emulated. One should fully embrace Shri Ram’s virtues and must seek to sanctify every moment of one’s life by living up to them. Sadhvi Ji, then, urged the audience to grasp this thought completely so as to allow oneself to embark on a spiritual journey. She stated that the inner core of a human being is not a matter of mere discussion. She explained the importance of a perfect master in one’s life, who activates the third eye of a human through “Brahm Gyan” after which one comes to know about their true purpose in life.

Inspiring devotional songs and melodious couplets of Ramcharitmanas created a remarkable effect in the audience and infused them with peace, serenity and divinity. The enthralling exhibition of DJJS’ literature in the program quenched the spiritual curiosity of many people. The program also included community feast (langar) which is prepared by selfless service of many devotees. The holy feast was served to all those who attended the event. The three days’ spiritual program was concluded with Shri Ramcharitmanas Pujan and a divine prayer for happy, healthy and spiritually enlightened life for one and all.

Sponsors of the program included Parkash Chand Sharma Indian Temptation Restaurant, Navdeep Agnihotri OMNI Restaurant, Sanjeev, Rajiv Ji, Ravi Dutt Sharma and Dharamveer Ji. Beneficiaries of this divine event expressed their heartfelt thanks to the entire DJJS’ team for conducting such a wonderful and blissful program in their country.

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