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Uttisthata Jagrata Prapya Varannibodhata,
Kshurasanna Dhara Nishita Durataya durgama Pathah
tat kavayo Vadanti

‘Naval Bhor Samaroh’ (Lakshya Ki Aur Badhte Sankalpit Kadam) – An Awakening Call for Disciples at Nurmahal, Punjab


“Arise! Awake! Approach the great and learn. Like the sharp edge of a razor is that path, so the wise say−hard to tread and difficult to cross”.

‘Naval Bhor Samaroh’ (Lakshya Ki Aur Badhte Sankalpit Kadam) – An Awakening Call for Disciples at Nurmahal, Punjab

The path of bhakti is although difficult to complete but with the grace of a perfect Master it becomes easier for a disciple. Ego is a major stumbling block on the path of spirituality. It must be forsaken to receive the grace of the Master. Complete dissolution of one's identity as a separate self with no trace of the egoist mind remaining is important for spiritual growth.

To encourage and guide the disciples on the path of bhakti, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised a spiritual event under the theme “Naval Bhor Samaroh (Lakshy Ki Aur Badhte Sankalpit Kadam)” at Nurmahal, Punjab on 25th November, 2018.

Adi Shankaracharya beautifully described that “There is no higher truth than the Guru, no higher penance than (service to) the Guru, and there is nothing higher than realisation of the Knowledge of the truth imparted by the Guru. Salutations to such a Gurudev, who is himself that very timeless truth”. The more trust the disciple has in the Master, the easier it is for him to walk on the divine path of bhakti.  A disciple may not be aware of the motive behind the master’s directives, yet he is certain that whatever the master advises has a benevolent purpose. He cares for the disciple to the maximum; his guidance is supreme and his unconditional support is present at “all” times and in all phases of life.  The bond between a master and a disciple has often been categorised as that of firm belief, where the disciple follows the master without enquiring or raising complaints, and boards his voyage as a pursuer of reality.

The orators explained that patience is an essential pre-requisite to achieve the results; for, Guru knows when and what is to be given to his disciple. Even the hits and blows of the master are in the favour of a disciple. They are not meant to harm him; instead, they are a blessing in disguise, which are meant to make him perfect. Hard-work, dedication, and faith are the jewels of a disciple which enhance his inner beauty and make him win the love and insurmountable grace of the Master. The program thus concluded giving a message to Disciples that – “Arise, Awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”.

The event was marked by the gracious presence of many eminent guests, which included:

  • Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar Ji, Chief Minister of Haryana
  • Maharani Preneet Kaur Ji, Ex. Central State Minister, Govt of India
  • Sh. Brahm Mohindra Ji, Cabinet Minister of Punjab
  • Sh. Sunder Sham Arora Ji, Cabinet Minister of Punjab
  • Sh. Santokh Chaudhary Ji, MP Jalandhar
  • Sh. Gurjeet Singh Aujla Ji, MP Amritsar
  • Sh. Ajaib Singh Bhatti Ji, Deputy Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha
  • Smt. Santokh Chaudhary Ji, Ex. MP Hoshiarpur
  • Sh. Hardyal Kamboj Ji, MLA Rajpura
  • Sh. Madan Lal Ji, MLA Ghanaur
  • Sh. Raman Bahl Ji, Chairman Servie Selection Board, Punjab
  • Sh. K.K. Sharma Ji, Chairman PRTC, Punjab
  • Sh. Joginder Singh Maan Ji, Ex. Cabinet Minister Punjab
  • Sh. Kamal Sharma Ji, Ex. President BJP Punjab
  • Sh. Jagbir Singh Brar Ji, Halka Incharge Nakodar
  • Sh. Yoginder Singh Yogi Ji, Senior Deputy Mayor, Patiala
  • Sh. Mahant Atma Ram Ji, Dera Baba Magni Ram Ji, Patiala
  • Sh. Kamal Chetly Ji, Sen. Leader Ludhiana (BJP)
  • Sh. Rajnesh Dhiman Ji, Vice President Ludhiana (BJP)

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