Spend your life getting high on drugs or get high on life to balance out the lows?”

Nirnay Campaign educates more than 6439 students in month of October to Say No to drugs under Bodh | Uttar Pradesh

This is the Nirnay which we all need to take for the betterment of us as individuals or a society at large. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under its flagship program, Bodh the Drug Abuse and Eradication Program, is spreading the awareness by conducting various programs and workshops targeting the youth to prevent them from experimenting with drugs. During the month of October, 15 Schools located in different parts of the Uttar Pradesh have been covered for conducting “SAY NO” Workshops. These workshops not only benefitted more than 6439 students but trained hundreds of teachers and school staff in terms of understanding the deep rooted philosophes and reasons of this rapidly increasing problem of drug abuse in the society especially in schools. Following are the details of the events:

October 15, 2019

Nirnay Campaign educates more than 6439 students in month of October to Say No to drugs under Bodh | Uttar Pradesh

a. Say No Workshop at Smt. Jay Malati Junior High School, Mahapar, Khalilabad, District- Sant Kabir Nagar Gorakhpur, UP.

An insightful lecture was delivered by one of the dedicated representatives of DJJS namely Swami Vishnuprakash Anandji who encouraged and motivated as many as 300 school children including the teachers and staff members of the school to take active steps for prohibition of drug intake. The speech was applauded by many as it strongly pointed out the harmful effects of the drug addiction and how is it relevant for each individual to address this alarming problem of the society at large. Swami ji emphasized on active participation of each one of us to uproot the problem from society and in the end a pledge ceremony was held where each and every member took a pledge to make this society a Drug free Society.

b. “Say No to Drugs” Workshop at Sunrise Public School, Darapur Rasaini , Hathwant (Firozabad)  UP.

A Lecture session was conducted by Sadhvi Hararchna Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Vandini Bharti Ji, catering to around 150 students and Faculty Members to throw light on the issue of Drug Abuse and its prevention. The Participants discussed the issue pertaining to Addiction and how the students at this tender age are trapped into the web and get into an addiction.  Various activities were also conducted demonstrating the message of prevention of Drug Addiction and its harmful effects thereof and how in the current scenario one can be over cautious to not to get indulge into such activities.

c. “Say No to Drugs” Workshop at Sarv Hiteshi Inter College Vill- Hamjapur, Po- Nigohi, Tehsil- Tilhar, District - Sahjahanpur, Bariely, UP.

A Lecture Session was organized where around 236 students along with their teachers participated. The students showed full enthusiasm and keen ness to work towards the drug eradication cause. The session was full of fun activities and interesting facts wherein students got educated about how the problem of drug intake is spreading like a plague in the society. The session further emphasized on the need of the hour to alarm the society specially the young generation to prevent them into getting into the addiction as the drugs intake is getting high and the grades are getting low. Students enjoyed the session thoroughly and were eager to attend many more.

October 16, 2019

“Say No to Drugs” Workshop Shri Maharaj Singh Baghel Inter College Popgarh, District Firozabad, UP

A Lecture session was conducted, catering to around 800 students and Faculty Members by Saadhve Hararchna Bharti Ji and Saadhve Vandini Bharti Ji enlightening the students on issue of prevention of Drug Abuse and how the young minds today out of curiosity to experiment are trapped into the web of drugs addiction and how important it is for these students to educate themselves to completely reject the idea of drug intake. Various activities were also conducted demonstrating the harmful effects of drug abuse where all the student actively participated and enjoyed the session thoroughly.


October 19, 2019

a. “Say No to Drugs” Workshop at Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Vill-Tara Bazar Sijauli, Po-Sijauli,  Tehsil- Motipur, District- Behraich, UP.

A Mass Awareness programme was organized at Saraswati Shishu Mandir where around 275 students along with their teachers participated. School children along with their staff members were educated and all their queries with respect to drug intake and its harmful effects on health were addressed by DJJS representative. Various fun activities were also conducted to show psychological effects of drugs intake on students and how it ends up effecting their studies. Students were also made aware of the Dhyaan technique based upon brahmgyan to tap into their will power to have a strong hold on decision making against drug abuse.

b. “Say No to Drugs” Workshop at Reshmi Devi Jawahar Lal Junior High School, Nanpara, District- Behraich, UP.

A Mass Awareness program was conducted which started with a motivating lecture from one of our speakers i.e. Sadhvi Sulbha Bharti Ji. The Students were fully charged up to discuss the issue and also shared their personal experiences. Sadhve ji further discussed how the Initiative of Bodh- under Nirnay Campaign, can help victims of substance abuse to get back to their normal life. Around 95 Students and Faculty Members participated and interacted throughout the session.

In the end the, the program was concluded with the pledge taking ceremony where each and every participant took an oath to fight against the Drug Abuse and will make the society a drug free place by spreading awareness through Nirnay campaign.

c. “Say No to Drugs” Workshop at Gayatri Sr. Sec. Public School, Dhoinda Rajsamand, Rajasthan.

A one hour insightful lecture was conducted to motivate the students of class 6th to 12th as at this early age, children are highly vulnerable for experimenting with intoxicants, more so because of its easy availability. A society where drugs such as Gaanja, Weed, Heroine, Acid (with their respective names) etc. are easily available and is a fashion statement amongst the student of this age, DJJS being the torch bearer leads them out. The program was followed by motivational and logical activities throwing light on increasing problems and day to day hurdles on real goal of life. Saadhve Sarvagya Bharti ji also highlighted the ill effects of taking nicotine, and its prevention thereof.  Around 500 Student showed active participation and enjoyed the program.

October 22, 2019

 “Say No to Drugs” Workshop at Jeewan Jyoti Vidya Niketan, Panipat, Haryana

Around 350 students were highly charged up by inspiring lecture by preachers of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan discussing the issue of drug abuse as how the young students under the garb of creating impression on their friends and to deal with the stress in their student lives, end up taking drugs. Various activities were conducted to spread the awareness and show the harmful impacts of getting into the habit of drugs intake. Saadhve ji by her unflinching words motivated the students to not to fall under this practice of taking drugs and gave them infinite solutions to deal with their day to day affairs.

In the end all the students took a pledge that they will fight against the drug addiction and spread the message of Bodh to help the victims for drug de addiction with the help of Dhyaana therapy.


October 24, 2019

“Say No to Drugs” Workshop SDSS Public School Hariharpur Bazar, District- Hardoi, UP.

A school workshop was conducted by Bodh under the flagship of DJJS in Hardoi. Around 700 children participated and got educated on the topic of Drug Abuse. Representatives of DJJS shared their strong opinion on side effects of drugs and how their life gets affected at the physical, psychological, educational, economical, social levels. Swami ji enlightened the students on how Drugs are used so commonly in the society as stress busters. Swami ji also suggested further techniques such as Dhyaana technique to help those who are victimized. The Program was a huge success as students came forward to pledge to not experiment with drugs ever in their lives.


October 25, 2019

“Say No to Drugs” Workshop at Bliss International School, Mohanpuri, Meerut, UP.

An Awareness Lecture was organized by DJJS under the banner of Bodh and Sarakshan wherein an hour workshop was taken by Sadhve Lokesha Bharti Ji, who was the chief guest of the event. Sadhve Ji with her powerful session and with the help of various demonstrative activities shed light on the life taking diseases spreading in the atmosphere due to loud and expensive crackers. She elucidated the difference between “Good Diwali” and “Bad Diwali” and appealed everyone to light mud diyas, gift a tulsi plant, use eco-friendly packaging rather than playing loud DJ music, using artificial lighting and firecrackers this diwali. Sadhvi ji also stressed on how people under the festive mode of celebration, consume drugs to get the high and engage themselves into gambling. Many youngsters also experiment with substance to enjoy the kick and thereafter end up getting into substance abuse. She further stressed on the clean and green diwali and one should learn to Say No and be objective enough before indulging into such activities.  After this informative and interactive session two outstanding skits on eco-friendly diwali and side effects of crackers in Indian economy respectively were beautifully presented by dynamic volunteers of the organization which were highly enjoyed and praised by all. Mrs. Ragini- respected principal of the school also acknowledged the efforts of DJJS and further added that such type of programs are the need of hour today.  She heartily thanked Sadhvi Ji for teaching the importance of “true diwali” to her students and requested to revisit their school.

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