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We as a society today are gripped by a number of disturbing issues whose roots stem from our desires for worldly achievements. The cure to this malady lies in the Supreme Science of Brahm Gyan. To enlighten the prisoners about the path of spirituality and Supremacy, Antarkranti organised a one day spiritual discourse session in District Jail,Sirsa on 11th December 2019.

This initiative by Antarkranti aimed to spread the message of significance of choosing the path of righteousness through spirituality.

DJJS preacher Swami Vigyananand Ji conducted the spiritual discourse session by highlighting how worldly desires lead to ego, stress and greed for more. In the quest to combat the stress, people enter the menace of drug abuse. Although this negligently begins mainly due to peer pressure and to overcome stress or boredom, people are unaware of the fact that this will push them into permanent sufferings as a drug addict. He advocated that the knowledge of Brahm Gyan is the only way to break free from the shackles of torment of mind. Meditation based on Brahm Gyan gives the eternal power to handle situations, problems and causes. Meditation elevates our sense of self- evaluation and is the road to self-contentment of soul.

The congregation comprising 550 male and 50 female inmates along with Jail Superintendents as guests were enchanted by sense of serenity that they felt. More such session are demanded to maintain this sense of bliss amongst the prisoners.

One day Spiritual Discourse Session @ District Jail Sirsa establishing Brahm Gyan as the Truth of Life

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