New Delhi (PEACE PR Correspondent): It was a bright Sunday morning for the PEACE-ites in one of the exquisite hotels in Delhi– The Heritage Grand, Britannia Chowk. The clock was nearly around 9:55 AM, when the participants waiting in the registration area were looking a bit impatient. On being enquired about the same, one of the attendees from a top-notch institution said, ‘I have been madly waiting for this event since a month.’ He said in an anxious tone, ‘I can’t control my curiosity anymore!’ Saying so, he again asked how long it would take to enter the hall. Not only him but several other corporate professionals waiting in the lobby area to participate in the workshop expressed the similar degree of excitement. Finally, all the curious-cum-intellectual minds entered their Mind’s Space.

PEACE organizes Om Manah Swaha (Funeral of Mind, Birthday of Supermind!)

Now began the much-awaited workshop with a traditional-o-innovative Manas Havan infused with the vibrations of Manah Swaha! The scene was a fantastic collage of indescribable beauty and divinity, with an active participation of the audience all over the hall. They were enthusiastically performing the hast-mudras and reciting mantras, followed by a contemporary yagya. Next in the series was the session on Scientific Swaha! Based on the make-up of our mind and its uncurbed symptoms, this exclusive chapter of the day, through its logical activities and live demonstrations, provided pragmatic solutions to swing from the Monkey Mind to the Monk Mind. Now was the turn of Ayurvedic Swaha– a holistic health booster session. Accompanied with several nutrients for mind-healing, this session offered ayurvedic-cum-medically proven oil massages, laughter remedies, and quizzes to the audience. Have you ever pondered upon the complexities of your mind, memory, and intellect? Well, the next session in the chronology was based on the similar outline– Mind-full or Mindful? This insightful Philosophical Swaha session was filled with the models from our ancient and spiritual literatures along with their comparative analysis from the perspective of the modern psychology. It was indeed a fabulous package for the corporates to get rid of the anxious days and sleepless nights. Upcoming in the series was something propelled with the doze of energy and upliftment. Any guesses? It was Poses with Psycho Doses– the perfect time for the participants to get into the exercise mode! Aha! It was truly a superb physiological treat on the beats. The highly-skilled fitness professionals trained the participants in diverse aerobic-moves, dancing-kicks, and tai-chi movements. The aim of this Yogic Swaha session was to rejuvenate and revitalise our psycho self, in order to make it fit and hit.

When the clock struck 2:30 pm, it was high time for the participants to relish a sumptuous buffet delight. After a lunch break of approximately 40 minutes, as the participants started returning to their seats, something spectacular caught their attention. The stage was all set with an epical backdrop and in the next few minutes began the saga of soulful musical fiesta– the Epical Swaha. This heart-warming session included contemporary art-cum-dance performances on Natraja and Mahishasura Mardan, which bagged a thunderous applause from the audience. In consonance with the theme, the facilitator beautifully derived the esoteric explanation behind the Puranic incidents and its relationship with our mindsets. After this infotainment session, it was now the time to touch upon the intangible substance of the mind– the emotional quotient. This Emotional Swaha presentation included several research studies and activities to strike the relationship chord between our personal and professional lives. How do conflicts, misunderstandings, and lack of communication affect our intra-cum-inter relationships and how to make a healthy atmosphere at home and workplace were some of the topics covered in this session. Last but not the least, the audience revelled in the most interesting and insightful session of the day– the Spiritual Namah. This thought-provoking talk included several live demonstrations on the functioning of the mind. Adhering to the workshop title- Funeral of Mind & Birthday of Super-mind, the facilitator covered several deep subjects like Sensory Deprivation, Upanishadic models, role of Brahm GyanMeditation to cure our ailing monkey mind, accompanied with exclusive philosophical researches. The dignitaries included CMDs, Directors, GMs, Doctors, Advocates, and Defence personnel; all were full of praises and highly appreciative of the PEACE's 4D synergetic approach to deal with the daily challenges of life!

PEACE organizes Om Manah Swaha (Funeral of Mind, Birthday of Supermind!)

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