The vivacious opening of "Beyond Theory Sessions" by PEACE two months ago is gaining momentum on the way to resolve the core challenges associated with Personal & Professional growth. Adding yet another fantastic 'n' enthusiastic chapter to the series on 22nd April, 2018 at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi, PEACE conducted Karmic Cafè - _Life Serves What You Deserve! Designed on the intriguing theme of 'Karmology', the workshop bagged thunderous applause and appreciation. Under the patronage of our Revered Master, H. H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder and Head, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS)), PEACE offered various mind-riveting performances in this second mega edition of the series. Sadhvi Dr. Nidhi Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Parma Bharti Ji tickled the intellectual nerve of the participants with mind-boggling principles of 'Action-Reaction Principle'. Encapsulating various case-studies and analytical activities, this Appetizer session marked a wonderful beginning of this extravaganza. Can Tarot Card Reading, Gems 'n' Stones, & therapies like Past Regression unlock the door to a problem-free life? Can Numerology & Horoscope help to demystify and come out of the labyrinth of past karmas? To shed light on this enchanting subject, Sadhvi Manimala Bharti Ji presented a session, intertwined with several comic yet heart-throbbing  performances. This session served the role of Salads- a funny mix to fix life's problems! The participants then cherished to their heart's content the most insightful session of this event- The Main Course Food. And to serve this all-time Karmic Cafè special cuisine, Sadhvi Tapeshwari Bharti Ji delivered the lecture. Adhering to the core theme of the event, she dealt with various deep-rooted philosophical and scientific concepts, such as Physics Laws of Motion viz-a-viz Vedantic Laws of Motion, esoteric inspirations from Lord Natraja, etc, supported by exclusive live demonstrations and research studies. PEACE knows that a meal without delicious desserts is incomplete. This section of the Karmic Cafe was presented through the music concert by the in-house team members of DJJS. Truly, the participants couldn't resist singing & swinging with the vibes of ecstasy emanating from those mystical, magical and meaningful compositions.

PEACE Satiated Life's Hunger @ Karmic Cafe

This one of its kind workshop witnessed the presence of several top-notch dignitaries from Medical, Administration, Law, and Education realms.

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PEACE Satiated Life's Hunger @ Karmic Cafe

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