A workshop under the banner of Bodh the Drug Abuse Eradication Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan at Government Senior Secondary School in Sirsa, Haryana was conducted on ‘Significance of prevention of drug abuse in life’. More than 650 students (boys & Girls) along with 35 teachers attended the program and enlightened with various concepts, myths, facts related to drug abuse. Sadhvi Mahasharda Bharti and Sadhvi Uma Bharti Ji, disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Head & Founder of DJJS, profoundly explained how lack of information in life may land you into trouble due to incorrect decision making. Clear facts and truth about something is the essential component of effective and timely decision making thereby she while addressing specially the schools authorities and teachers emphasised on inculcation of education on ill effects of drug abuse in the early Schooling years started from 5th or 6th.  National Newspapers like Amar Ujala, Sirsa Kesari covered the event in order to take the message to the society at large and also motivate the other institutions to conduct such prevention workshops at their schools as well. The School authorities appreciated the program and also offered the organization to conduct such workshops every month. 

'Right education can prevent drug abuse amongst students’ said Sadhvi Ji at Sirsa, Haryana

In order to organize such workshops, you can also invite us at your company, schools/colleges or in communities to spread the message of ‘say no to drugs’ in the society.

'Right education can prevent drug abuse amongst students’ said Sadhvi Ji at Sirsa, Haryana

For this, contact our nearest branch by clicking on www.djjs.org/contact or you can visit www.djjs.org/bodh or mail us at [email protected].

Bodh- the drug abuse eradication program of DJJS, works for the elimination of drug abuse and eradication of drug demand through ‘Dhyan Therapy’, thereby transforming the drug afflicted society into an abuse free society; where people are mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong to safeguard themselves and the society against drug and substance abuse.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is a multi-faceted socio-spiritual organization, founded and headed by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji to actualize the vision of ‘Global Peace, through Self- Awakening’.

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