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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a virtuous devotional concert “Sampoorna Kranti”, on 24th September 2022, for the people of Amritsar, Punjab. With a series of inspirational bhajans and discourse, wandering minds of devotees were connected to divine nectar and experienced peace within. Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji explained that complete revolution is one which begins from the inner realms of an individual and manifests outside ink the whole society. The decline in human values that we are witnessing today is nothing but the reflection of digressing human mind. Therefore, if we want to bring change in outside world, then first of all there is a need to bring about change at the level of the human mind.

Sampoorna Kranti, a Devotional Concert, Accentuated the Need for 360 Degree Revolution in Society at Amritsar, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji said, today human beings in order to suffice their own selfish motives are misusing resources while completely ignoring the importance of protecting and maintaining Mother Nature. Natural resources from earth, rare elements and even water are on the verge of complete depletion, prompting intelligentsia and scientists to look for another planet like earth. However, the fact is unless there’s change in overall human psychology and we mend our ways, even other planets will not suffice to sustain human greed.

Sadhvi Ji further explained, when a human mind is balanced, nature itself will be in balance. A balanced human mind is possible only when a person is awakened at soul level. This awakening comes with initiation into divine knowledge of self-realization. This awakening opens doorways to communion and union with our real divine self and then our choices, decisions and actions would be marked with wisdom rather than material self-centeredness. When a man is awakened from his soul level, he does not exploit nature rather he worships it.

Sampoorna Kranti, a Devotional Concert, Accentuated the Need for 360 Degree Revolution in Society at Amritsar, Punjab

His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the revolutionary saint of this epoch, instrumental in awakening myriads with this divine knowledge or Brahm Gyan. He is the soul of the spiritual renaissance in this age of darkness and ignorance. He has also been a great force in revolutionising deviated youth and redirecting their energies towards higher goals. It is the ‘Youth’ who have always been the agents of change for rejuvenating society. Brahm Gyan based meditation kindles positivity, motivation, peace enough to stir up youth, and untaps the tremendous power channelled towards a selfless purpose.

The meticulous program successfully served its purpose in motivating attendees to discover the perennial source of joy-within.

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