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“Every tiny molecule of ash is in motion with my heart. I am such a lunatic that I am free even in Jail”. These words of revolutionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh sparked light in the hearts of many during freedom struggle of India. The same spirit is needed today in the society. In these times of uncertainties, confounded faith and grinding shackles of Maya, only true divine knowledge by a Perfect Master of the times can replenish the human being with real values, faith, certainty of attaining truth, and bring back the lost glory of the soul. A total revolution of the inner self is only possible through complete surrender to the Satguru (The Perfect Master). With the disciples’ complete surrender, the Guru nurtures him with his unfathomable love and casts out all the evils from his heart and fills it with love and compassion, thus laying the foundation of a peaceful society.

Sampoorna Kranti - Total Revolution: A Devotional Concert at Shahkot, Punjab

 Under the guidance and grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji; a celestial ambience was created with heart-warming, soulful song and mesmerizing rhythm that were composed and rendered by preachers at the Devotional Concert held in Shahkot, Punjab on 19th August, 2018. Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji was the preacher for the program and she urged the audience to seek the highest knowledge of awakening and be in tune with our soul within to attain “Sampoorna Kranti” in true sense.

 Sadhvi Ji highlighted that our devotion to the world squeezes out our energy and leaves us frail and weak, at the same time; our devotion to God revitalizes us while refilling us with new vigour and energy. The team proudly stated that Brahm Gyan is the technique to connect with the Supreme Lord. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the perfect master of the time, is imparting the technique today to one and all.

Sampoorna Kranti - Total Revolution: A Devotional Concert at Shahkot, Punjab

 The event showcased various activities and initiatives by the organization and the program ended with words and music but the effect reverberated in the minds of audience for long. It was a spiritual delight for the inquisitive souls and helped them to conquer the malicious mind-traps and transform them into positive channels of divine.


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