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Nagpur (Maharashtra): Women are the synonym of strength, power, dignity, courage but their slumping situation renders us a great shock. Even in the era of science and education, daily newspapers expose that for every ‘right’ of a woman, there’s a shadow side of ‘reality’. With the vision to change this reality and ensure that ‘rights’ bring in equality for women, Santulan, under the divine guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, is moving briskly across the world, sensitizing women to be spiritually awakened and realize their self-worth. Maharashtra, being one of the states in hit list that demands immediate treatment for decayed & prejudiced mind-sets against women, continuous programs are conducted in the form of campaign in various cities to create value for girl child. Nagpur, being one of the big cities that can majorly contribute to change, is witnessing a series of gender sensitization/women empowerment workshops, advocacy sessions, etc. targeting women audience.

Santulan steps forward to address running rife of ordeals of women in Nagpur

These workshops are designed to break ice with women & conduct a dialogue with them on women rights, touch their chord of self-worth realization by awakening them at soul level. The activities of workshop include enlightening discourse on women empowerment aspects such as grooming, capacity building, education, character building, etc. along with group discussions on causes & consequences behind deteriorating status of women, thought provoking skit outlining how deep rooted age-old prejudices have contributed to ever-worsening situation of women.  

Santulan steps forward to address running rife of ordeals of women in Nagpur

Tulsi Bagh, Mahal, Nagpur 6th April 2019

An inspiring advocacy session was organized with 60 women participants at Rani Indira Bai Bhosale Vihar Park, Mahal, Nagpur on the eve of Indian new year celebration:

  • Attendees were invited on the stage to share their story of pride when they got a commendable achievement, but were not appreciated & deprived of recognition
  • A lecture by Sadhvi Savita Bharti ji discussing the glory of women that existed in ancient times because of being spiritually empowered
  • Quiz & engaging games to nourish the mind-sets of those suffering from gender based biasness

Girola, Gondia, 29th April 2019

Paying heed to the diminishing no. of girls, an awareness generating lecture was organized with 38 women attendees at Zilla Parishad Varishsta Prathmik Shala, Salekasa, District-Gondia shedding light on repercussions of disparity between the two genders:

  • An awakening lecture was delivered by Sadhvi Ujjwala Bharti ji highlighting the potential and accomplishments of women that exhibit their contribution in societal development

Gandhitola, Gondia, 30th April 2019

An advocacy session was arranged with approximately 32 women at Zilha Parishad Varishsta Madhyamik Shala Park, Salekasa, District-Gondia to instil value for women:

  • Group discussion on how gender based discrimination is inculcated since childhood
  • Awareness creating lecture on how a woman is capable of bringing about change, if empowered spiritually

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sanstan Ashram, Chichgardh Road, Gondia, 17th May 2019

Another advocacy session was organized with about 60 women in DJJS Nagpur Ashram, Deori, District Gondia to create awareness in terms of various forms of violence against women with below inclusions:

  • Sadhvi ji discussed how every crime is interlinked and eventually influencing women’s footing in society.

Day-to-day experiences and challenges in terms of crimes like Domestic violence, sex selective abortions, gender discrimination etc. were shared by women participants

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