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Independence at the level of physical and mental realm remains incomplete until it is not achieved at the level of the soul.  And it becomes more important to understand the power and meaning of independence when we cross the 70-year mark of independence having  the most populous democracy, the seventh largest economy of the domestic product, the third largest purchasing power parity, fastest growing major economy, the third largest permanent army and the fifth largest military expenditure, but the country is still facing  drug abuse, environmental issues, economic divide, terrorism, border conflicts, civil war situations, etc. which are difficult to ignore.

Therefore, in order to trigger a narrative amongst people to understand independence and what makes it holistic, Bodh the drug abuse eradication program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organizes country wide events of variegated nature like rallies, stage programs, Skit performances, thought provoking choreographies,  educative subject based demonstrations, interacting speeches, enriching power point presentations, signature campaigns, counselling booths, IEC material distributions so on and so forth .

People from different walks of life and various sections have participated and are now energetically motivated with the programs' spree and tenor and have enthusiastically stepped forward to connect to the endeavours taken by the 'Sansthan' in this sector.

Guests having great social presence and stature have joined these programs in their respective areas in order to take the message to greater heights. These events are being covered with local and state level media houses in hindi, English and regional languages so as to propagate the concept of true independence to the country.

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Seek independence from “Drug Abuse” - message propagated under Bodh at various places in India

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