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Devotees in Pathardi, Maharashtra gathered in large number to attend the monthly spiritual congregation on 11th June, 2019.  Preacher disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji took up the topic of self-contentment of soul for this special event. The key takeaway from the event was that excessive attachment towards any worldly person or object is a huge deterrent in the path of spirituality. Attachment leads to worry and a feeling of loss once that very person or object is lost. They said that every object in this world is transient so attachment for a worldly object yields nothing but grief. The art of remaining still and unaffected during ups and downs of life is practiced through the technique of Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge)

Self-Contentment of the Soul Adored in Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Pathardi, Maharashtra

In the discourse, DJJS Representative cited a pertinent example of King Bharat. Bharat was a chivalrous king and looked after his kingdom very well. After many years of ruling, he renounced his throne and left for forest to attain hermitage. There he ardently did meditation and gradually was becoming free of worries and focused his concentration only on being one with God. He desired liberation after his death and devoted all his time and energy to meditation on the bank of Mahanadi. One day while walking towards the river he found a small baby deer whose mother doe had died after giving birth. Mercifully, Bharat picked up this new born deer and started taking caring for it. He fed the baby deer and gave it a lot of love. Slowly Bharat started spending more time on the deer than on his meditation. He grew attached to the deer and started to worry about what would happen when he would be no more with it. Finally, at the time when Bharat’s soul departed from his body, the only thoughts lingering on his mind was that of worry for the baby deer. As a consequence, he could not attain salvation and in his next birth got the body of a deer.

Self-Contentment of the Soul Adored in Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Pathardi, Maharashtra

On completion of the above story, preacher disciple explained that the human garb is a fortune in itself. This body is meant to be used for the purpose of meditation. Wise are those, who do all their worldly tasks as a sense of duty and spend their time in memory of God. The great ones do not get attached to anything worldly as they know that everything will lose its existence one day or the other but the thought of God remains even after one leaves this world.

Quoting from the Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna had explained to Arjun with a pointed example- Just like a person changes clothes after taking bath every day, so does the soul moves from one body to another after death. Therefore, one should not lament for the dead. Process of meditation by Brahm Gyan helps individual to stay composed in pleasure and sorrow both alike. This spiritual congregation concluded with an enriching discourse for all attendees.

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