It is often said that when the night is at the apex of darkness and seems never ending, then it means that day light is very near and darkness will be over very soon. The experience also says that whenever one door shuts, another opens, there is always a sign of hope in every sorrow and there is a new opportunity knocking at the door in every adverse circumstances. Similarly the world is engulfed with rudeness, selfishness, dishonesty, exploitation and this negativity seems never ending, it is true that a new dawn is waiting for all of us ready to take us in its arms where an era of hope, bliss, peace and gaiety will welcome us.

Shankhnaad - Footsteps of a New Dawn Echoed in Patiala, Punjab

With such a great message to the world, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) - a non-profit, non-government and spiritual organization, founded and head by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized the divine and soulful devotional concert on ‘Shankhnaad’- “Navyug ke swagat ki mangalcharan dhwani”, at the land of Patiala, Punjab on November 22nd, 2015.

Shankhnaad - Footsteps of a New Dawn Echoed in Patiala, Punjab

Shankhnaad- an extra-ordinary devotional concert which actually carried a great message for the mankind, successfully served its supreme purpose of spreading the message of a dawn of new era, new world of hope and perennial happiness. Dawn, which will bind us in a one world family, will usher heaven on Earth and establish the supreme peace.

In the divine presence of thousands of people, the program commenced with the hearty welcome of guests. Then after, the series of devotional bhajans and songs, aligned with the perfect instrumental music and rhythm, touched the hearts and mind of audience with its soul-awakening lyrics. People just drenched themselves in the divine rain of blessings and understood the divine essence of ‘Shankhnaad’. Someone has beautifully said, 

“The time has come when the heart of every individual once again needs to reverberate on chords of wisdom in order to bring the much-awaited global revolution!!!”

The spiritual orator of the day and disciple of revered Gurudev, Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji beautifully explained about the new dawn and filled the audience with unwavering spirit towards spirituality. She said that only spiritual revolution will eradicate the darkness within and when an individual is transformed, then only he/she can transform society, country and the world at large.

The program ended with words and music but the effect continued to bring change in the audience. People devoted their valuable time and left with even much more valuable words of knowledge and divine blessings.

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